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First Sergeant
Second in

Hi all, this is the story that was remixed for the Reachcast Podcast last week. Hope you like it. You can also find this and other planetside 2 lore stories by me at

Second in.

The weak red glimmer of the Indarian dawn broke over the side of the outpost. As Mercy checked her equipment one final time a tall shadow loomed into view.

“Do you want to do the honours, Sister?” Sergeant Francis smiled, his chiselled face barely visible behind a pair of thick aviators.

Mercy giggled, drawing her night vision goggles down over her unkempt, frizzy hair.

“After all your hard work? How could I?!” If there was one lesson she’d learnt from 17 years on the front, it was that you never offer to go first.

“Very well. Liberty and freedom.” He saluted at her and Sara, and took up position at the door, rifle in hand.

“Prepare for entry.” Crackled the Sergeant over the radio.

The charges set, the eight-strong breach squad lined up on either side of the outpost’s main entrance. Sergeant Francis counted down with his hands.

BOOM !!!

The iron door thundered into the hall, crashing into a set of shelves on the opposite side. The lights stuttered as the squad piled in; moving in twos, covering the angles, watching for movement. Mercy trailed them cautiously, hugging the walls. The only sound was the grumbling rotation of a distant generator.

“CLEAR !” Shouted Francis, lowering his rifle.

Lights out. Ambush.

Fizzing purple beams of intense heat incinerated the exposed group. Shouts of cauterised soldiers erupted from the open space, the blinding pulses melting through their hardened composite armour like butter. The deep smell of molten metal enveloped the room as the squad desperately limped for cover.

Mercy, still calm, watched from behind a control console. In amongst the flashes, she saw the monstrous MAX unit looming over a balcony, twin Quasars glowing white. Suddenly, she bolted through the moaning, smoking casualties and leapt acrobatically to the underside of the ledge, swinging with one hand. With hot sparks raining down upon her head, she slowly hauled herself upwards.

The titan stopped to reload. Activating her cloak, she hurled herself over the rail without a sound. Opening up with the second clip, he was oblivious to the small assassin clambering on top of his jagged back plating. Reaching head height, she slipped out her silenced pistol.

“Shh… Sleep now.” She whispered and pushed the weapon into the side of the young trooper’s skull. The single shot blew out the interior of the helmet and the giant clattered forwards onto the rail, bending it almost to the floor.

She leapt back to the ground. The room was quiet, the Conglomerate troopers mostly flat and moaning on the deck, the second Vanu MAX unit blackened and hollow from the blast of Sara’s C4.

“Plan B.” She nodded, as Mercy vaulted past.


A squad of teal-armoured recruits barrelled down the oval hallway, screaming battle cries and waving their weapons above their heads, completely oblivious to the presence of the invisible pair clinging to the walls. The sounds of gunfire filled the air once more as the two insurgents jogged to the heart of the outpost.

The pounding of an indescribable, bubbling energy grew stronger and stronger.

“Here! This is it!” Sara cried.

She hacked the console, hands trembling. The door flew open to reveal a black, circular cavern. In the centre, the prize. A raised glass canister containing a small, maroon rock, etched with deep angular patterns. The air around the stone vibrated with power.

The young agent hesitated, then glanced at her nervously. Mercy waved her on.

“Go on Sister. This is your show…”

She took off her mask, walking slowly up to the shuddering glass.

“It’s beautiful!” she whispered in wonder.


The mine tore her in half, smashing the plinth into smithereens. Mercy winced in shock as blood and rubble peppered her thin suit. Sighing, she turned to leave the room. The real artifact was elsewhere.

“THAT’S why I don’t go first.”

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First Sergeant
Re: Second in

Excellent decriptive as usual Sonny!

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Re: Second in

Loved it , lovely ending , especially how you tied it up so neatly to the theme.
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