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Re: Use of infiltrators in outfits.

Originally Posted by Middi View Post
I'm new to the Planetside community and I am extremely interested in this game.

For a long time I've always enjoyed the idea of being apart of a small spec ops squad that infiltrates deep behind enemy line to do surveillance and to cause havoc, then once the main force attacks, our squad provides support and cover fire.

The problem with this is that I haven't had the opportunity to play a game where this type of gameplay is possible due to the lack of a frontline aka COD is a run around in circles shooting anything that moves, and BF is too fast paced for any surveillance to be useful when playing the "rush" game mode and "conquest" had a constantly changing frontline.

My question is how viable is the surveillance/long range sniper/shit disturber play style, what kind of tactics were infiltrators used for in PS1, and what tactics have outfits been brainstorming for infiltrators?
In PS1 we have squads and even whole outfits dedicated to infiltrators/spec ops/black ops. I'm sure this will continue perhaps even to a greater degree in PS2. You'll definately have your opportunity here. You'll have your fast moving frontlines and your stalemated ones. You'll have vast territories of unprotected sectors to infiltrate and wreak havoc.

In PS1 you could drop with regular troops or cloakers/infiltrators, or a mix. Infiltrators could solo drop out of air vehicles or in groups on towers and facilties. We'd hack the command center or destory the generator, or mixed units would have their cloakers stay on the roof and snipe enemies covering their squad's entry into a facility. We hack sometimes deep in enemy territory causing distraction and sometimes major shifting of enemy forces. You can sneak in and kill off an enemy hacker, or other random troops. You can plant combat engineering devices such as mines and turrets. We hack enemy vehicles to turn them over to our empire (not sure that's in PS2 yet). Hacking a galaxy spawn point would be a game-changer. Cloakers would lase targets for artillery fire from Flails, or set off an Orbital Strike killing a mass concentration of enemy troops. Since PS2 is handing you a sniper rifle, this will all be that much more fun and effective.
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