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Old 2003-07-05, 11:02 PM   [Ignore Me] #166
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These are some really good ideas, but I think that we're telling the wrong people. If we could get a dev on for a day or so, or have an irc chat, it would settle me more
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Old 2003-07-06, 02:58 PM   [Ignore Me] #167

1. Some heavier armor in between Max & reinforced, maybe no extra slots but something that can take a bit more of a beating.

2. A dedicated infantry assault vehicle. Sure we have the Deliverer and the Sunderer, but neither vehicle lends itself well to a direct assault on an enemy position. I want something like a Bradley that can carry a decent amount of infantry and still pack enough of a punch to warrant use in combat operations. Maybe the Deliverer with a bit more armor and a single 75mm cannon or something like that.

3. Some more options for outfits to use their outfit points on. Maybe they could buy super heavy armored transports that carry like fifteen people on the ground. Opening this option for their outfit would cost like 5000 pts & then their members would be able to take a 3 or 4 pt Super Heavy Armored Transport cert. However, such a vehicle would only spawn in Sanctuary.

4. Outfit bases would be nice. You could place them on Sanctuary, or if you were feeling really nasty you could place them on one of our three 'home' continents. However, if you placed them on a nearby continent they COULD be captured by the enemy. They would have spawn tubes and vehicle, implant, and cert terminals. They could only be accessed by outfit members, however, any enemy soldier can attempt to enter them. Furthermore they would require NTUs, would cost 100,000 outfit points, & would have a very small SOI. They could be captured by the enemy, but they enemy would have to hold the base for at least 20 minutes (that's the hack countdown). Once it is captured by the enemy any faction-friendly forces can enter it to attempt to secure it. Also in order to qualify for a headquarters an outfit should have to also have a minimum number of members in game. The outfit base would also have meeting rooms & a special locator terminal that could be accessed by outfit officers to see the location of every outfit member on Auraxis.

5. More continent definition. For example just add a few more locales or things that set the continents apart. One of my favorite continents is Hossin simply due to the fact that the swampy atmosphere, thick forests, and low lying water makes it look a great deal different from many of the other continents. I feel the same way about Ceryshen. Cery's ravines dictate the ebb and flow of battle and put a premium on transport vehicles. More terrain boosts like that would be awesome. Also a nice, sandy desert with miles of rolling sand dunes would be cool.

6. Bring back orbital space stations! If I'm not mistaken before the HART was added the intention was to have orbital stations where players would go & then would drop onto the continents. Orbital stations would be sweet. However, instead of launching dropods they control the orbital strike weaponry and also are able to launch special shuttles that will act as droppods, but can put an entire squad into the same exact location along with one vehicle. The orbital station would be big enough to have battles in also, which would be very important. The enemy would access the orbital station if they managed to lock a continent adjacent to one of the Sanctuaries. This would allow the enemy to take HART shuttles form their Sanctuary to the enemy orbital station. The enemy could never truly secure the orbital station, but they could attack them and secure the command point for the orbital strike weapon and the squad launch pods, this would seriously inhibit enemy capabilities as well as be something many level 5 commanders would be motivated to resecure.
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Old 2003-07-07, 01:16 AM   [Ignore Me] #168

I have one teeny little request...

How bout more foliage? The environment seems a tad bland atm. You know, something like bushes and stuff.

Thats about it...I'm tired so uh im gonna sleep
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Old 2003-07-07, 03:22 AM   [Ignore Me] #169

ok, you guys have some great ideas, so I wish to contribute:

1: First, Giant Lumbering "bases" in the sky. Somewhere that only aircraft can reach, but are empire-specific. Could have an airstrip that is essential to take off and landing. (Imagine six Gals taking off from this baby w/ full escorts. *wipes a tear from eye*)

2: second, I dunno how many times ppl have posted this, but Naval vehicles, underwater and surface bases, and islands with towers that have underwater passages that perhaps lead to the bases or land. And, with this, you would definitely have to have a new char. type, like frogman or diver. (Plus many new above and below water vehicles.)

3: Take the frustration out of searching for a Gal pilot to ferry your squad somewhere by adding the ability for CR3 commanders to set "waypoints" that signal to players w/ Gal cert that they are needed.

4: Add Zero-G battles in Space, complete w/ space station bases that would have to be reached either by some sort of docking craft or by going EVA and jetting there on a line attached to ur Gal/Lib/Reav/Skeeter/whatever other plane.

5:The cave Bases are a kick ass idea, but make a way of transport other than walking (perhaps a mine-car level? j/k). Also, for som graphic touchups, add hints that a civilization actually existed on Auraxis. Like, temple ruins, or urban areas, or even a colony-town.

6: Put in multi-crew weapons, like artillery, command posts where commanders can get together to plan strategies, and make the adv. engineering skill doubly useful by allowing several of them together to create camps that their squads can stay in overnight(add time of day too) to recharge and resupply. (as a link to this, add a truck-type thing that carries a shitload of stuff in its trunk, and has one defensive gun.)


8: Hoverbikes also a good idea. Nil armor, one light repeater cannon, all speed. (300kph perhaps?)

Well, i could put in more, because Im simply bursting w/ ideas, but for now, thats it! Sorry to be so long-winded
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Old 2003-07-07, 01:34 PM   [Ignore Me] #170
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hoverbikes a great idea, they could turn the wraith into an invisible hoverbike, i think invisible atv's are dumb anyways.

oh yea, misquitoes are pretty useless compared to reavers, how about if they cloaked like the wraiths?

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Old 2003-07-07, 02:28 PM   [Ignore Me] #171
Staff Sergeant

i say mosqs are weak as hell now with the liby and reav out......i think they should have ther firing rate increased or damage upped....may b even a passenger seat.
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Old 2003-07-07, 03:08 PM   [Ignore Me] #172
Lieutenant Colonel
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Originally posted by Setari
I have one teeny little request...

How bout more foliage? The environment seems a tad bland atm. You know, something like bushes and stuff.

Thats about it...I'm tired so uh im gonna sleep
Go into your video settings and you can actually up that. I was surprised when I tweaked the settings and tall grass and bushes showed up all of a sudden. The only minus (besides the added lag for me) is that you sometimes hide behind objects that aren't there for anybody but you.
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Old 2003-07-07, 03:46 PM   [Ignore Me] #173
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IT would be nice if you can see inside your max, at least see the glass and armos and stuff like you do in a buggy or something. When im in a max, it doesnt feel like it, it looks like im just holding a gun or (tr) two guns and sometimes i forgot after waiting a while at the sanctuary. If your in a giant metal suit thats like 8 feet tall, you should be able to notice it easier.

it would feel more like the players in a big machine if there were targeting aids and and stuff that showed up on the glass, this would be compensated by a narrower view because some of the view would be blocked the suits insides.

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Old 2003-07-07, 07:44 PM   [Ignore Me] #174

Give the max armor a few flares to ward off strikers and phoneixes. It would GREATLY increase the survivability in a max and lessen the complaints about how unfair the striker is.
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Old 2003-07-09, 12:01 PM   [Ignore Me] #175
veichle idea

an air veichle that can go really fast and has no guns and just a one seater for transportation. no after burners but can go faster then the mosquito normaly.
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Old 2003-07-09, 01:33 PM   [Ignore Me] #176
New Ideas

I would like too see some add that made the Medic more useful on the battlefield.
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Old 2003-07-09, 03:12 PM   [Ignore Me] #177
Mad Bomber

the water vehicles/bases/towers is a great idea but for water vehicles to work they need to add more rivers and lakes. I want to see collapsable brigdes where it is an advantage to be in control of a bridge so nme vehicles couldn't cross. They need to upgrade buildings by like putting bunkers inside the walls instead of outside and with very hard to hack IFF locks or a blast door that needs to be destroyed to get in.

when in the game if u look up in the sky there are moons that we need to be able to go to with space stations and space ships like the ones in Star Wars. Empire specific armor and all weaons classes empire specific. For snipers let them buy a camo suit that blends them in with the surrounding trees. and inf need tougher armor like have them able to buy the inf suit and reinforced exo to get a invisible reinforced exo.

Have slots in all suits that do not take up inventory psace for grenades so we can carry some more ammo.
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Old 2003-07-10, 01:28 AM   [Ignore Me] #178

Empire Specific Special Assault weapons, Empire Specific Medium Assault tanks, Empire Specific Aircraft, NIGHTTIME!.

Aircraft version of the ANT.

Cert cost: 3
Armor: 2,000
Threshold: 4
Top Speed: 65kph (no afterburners)
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Old 2003-07-10, 10:32 AM   [Ignore Me] #179

Here's some of mine:

1. Outfit houses. A place where you and your outfit and invited guests can kick back. Can gain extra height stories/goodies/award banners to display outside through accomplishments (which should include more varied things then just outfit points) How cool would it be to have your own lounge/club house to goof off in, but not only that, that looks pretty damn uber from the outside and is the envy of other players.

2. Faction battle plans. Allows all commanders to throw down their outfit icons and show their plans to all other commanders, i.e. you are all putting your plans on the same map. Would help coordination a lot. A nice additional specifier would be the ability to put a number on your icon of how many forces you are sending to a place.

3. Progressive gain/ not base hopping. The single largest inherent mechanics flaw through beta and still is. The whole point of any war game is gaining ground through victories and ultimately conquering. The bottom rung of players may not care, but for the top rung this is why they play a game, and the top rung are the players who will stay. Here's one idea: once a cont is locked it opens up a new continent to fight on. Make it so there's something like 30 conts to fight on but once all conts are open a side that can lock them all or possibly slightly less then all, wins the game. The new conts can be made with the same assets for all I care, but the point is the reality of being able to win. A game that you can win is always replayable, from soccer to chess to BF1942. One that you can't hits it's ceiling after you've tried everything, so I hope to see even more ideas on adding a win to PS and hope the devs fix the prob.
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Old 2003-07-10, 10:40 AM   [Ignore Me] #180
Instant Action for an entire Squad


The population locks make it possible for squads to get some but not all of their unit into continent. The only other option is to use the glitch and "find waypoint" trick. Well, I believe they should fix that glitch and also produce a solution. My solution would be to have a instant action option for a squad leader that would port the entire squad to instant action. This would solve the problem created by population locks.

Just a thought,
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