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Old 2011-02-11, 01:51 AM   [Ignore Me] #1
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Alright, I guess I'll start

Hello everyone! I'm robocpf1, more commonly just called "robo".

Not Rob. Please not Rob.

I started playing Planetside in March of 2006 - two good friends of mine, Jon51 and darksniper116, convinced me to pick up the game. I loved it from the first time I zoned in to Sanctuary.

I began on NC because I liked the blue color scheme and the backstory. The weapons looked really awesome to me, too. I zerged around like a good little noob, not understanding what the red flashing numbers were when I hit friendlies and thinking I would do well with the "Armor Piercing" bullets in all of my weapons. Didn't know medpacks existed.

I was recruited into Damage, Inc. with Limix and his crew and played with them for a little while, but they weren't quite what I was looking for. I left and joined D2A, where I thoroughly enjoyed the large-outfit tactics and organization, but at one point 90% of the outfit was removed including myself. I never understood why.

Then I started drifting. I was in a small cloaking outfit named The Knights Templar on NC, where I learned how to be a pretty efficient infiltrator. That fell apart quickly as the outfit leader was AWOL and it was hard to recruit to such a small, specifically minded outfit. I left and continued to look around.

I joined Ghosts of the Revolution on VS sometime around there but didn't really think much of it at the time, as I was still convinced I would stay NC. I spent a lot of time between Homeland Destroyers and Most Wanted, having tons of fun in both. (Rest in Peace, SLYDRR). I also played with the ULTRA outfits on TR Emerald, specifically in Packs o' Wolves. I left when they went inactive and helped form an outfit named RIP with some friends, getting them started and running operations, but then finally left TR altogether when I realized that GOTR was where I belonged.

Since then I've played with GOTR as my main, always. I had characters in Kill Wh0res Anonymous (the big outfit on NC Gemini, not the "original" KWA guys like TheChain(?). Different outfit.) When that fell apart, I joined the remnants in The Syndicate with my NC character, and that's where he still is today.

In GOTR, I joined the tank division and steadily worked my way into the outfit's inner machine, not thinking of ever becoming an officer or anything leadership-oriented. I was having fun in Magriders and Threshers, hover vehicles with laser beams attached! Who cared about leading? This was much after Guru's time as Outfit Leader, which everyone seems to remember.

Tanat, the OL at that time, took most of GOTR to EVE-Online, a period many of us refer to as "The EVE Fiasco". I'll save the rest of GOTR's history, but basically, these were the bad times. End.

I became an under-officer in the armor division and eventually became its second-in-command. The armor division head was given the OL spot so I became the armor division CO, and did that for a year. I got CR5 on VS sometime shortly after the original Gemini merge, I think.

A year later, the OL passed the torch to me. August 14th, 2008, yes I remember the date. I've been the leader of our merry band of men ever since.


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Old 2011-02-11, 05:09 AM   [Ignore Me] #2
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Re: Alright, I guess I'll start

Nicely written but you are late.
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Old 2011-02-11, 08:08 AM   [Ignore Me] #3
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Re: Alright, I guess I'll start

Originally Posted by Grimster View Post
Nicely written but you are late.

Noticed that. You finished yours first >.<
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Old 2011-02-14, 11:02 AM   [Ignore Me] #4
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Re: Alright, I guess I'll start

lol silly robo - but nice story all the same XD
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