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Planetside to the XBOX???????????? Yes, maybe.. we shall see..

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Registered: Mar 2001 posted 01-20-2003 07:00 PM user search report post
Now, I have been away from PS Forums for awhile, so this may have been discussed, and it is just something I was thinking about. So plz be mature and no flames. A difference of opinion i can handle, but i know that some people can go off there rocker on things like this.
Anyway, in the FAQ it says that PS is not planing on coming out to any other platform then the PC. However I was thinking today while I was playing MechAssult on my xbox, that if PS is a online game only, and it requires a fee to play, then why couldnt it someday come out on xbox live? Its no different then the computer. You cannot play the game offline, so you get on the internet and play. Could they not do the same thing with xbox live? I mean seriously, what is the difference of xbox live, and playing your favorite FPS on the computer? Now granted they would have to boost the xbox's performance to handle PS, but couldnt it be possible? Why not even make Everquest for xbox? Or any other game for that matter. And for payment, you could just add it to you xbox live bill. Now, if you can grasp that concept, I had another idea. If xbox's are playing the same online games as the computers, then could we not someday see a merge of platforms. Me playing PS on my computer aginst people, some of who would just be using there xbox?

I dont see any reason as to why that would not work? I am not suggesting that they do this, or making any claims, its just something that poped into my head today, and I thought i would sare it with everyone.

Thanks and Laterz

Drum roll please as SJ explains

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Registered: Sep 2001 posted 01-21-2003 03:42 PM user search report post
Here are a few random, and UNOFFICIAL, thoughts about PlanetSide on a console:
a) Cool. If it can be done well, then I'd be open to doing it. I'd love to be the biggest, baddest FPS on a console, in addition to the PC.

b) Since we're a Sony company, we'd probably look into the PS2 first. Heck...probably has nothing to do with it...for sure we'd do that. Can we make a port on the Xbox? Probably. I'd have to talk to folks about it. And I'm personally open to the idea.

c) If Tribes 2 can get onto the PS2, then there's probably a way to get PS onto a console also. It'd be about as hard as a port could possibly be...but it should be possible.

d) If we did a console version of PS, it would almost certainly (approx 99.999% sure) that it would be a completely seperate product, with different servers and different customers. It would also probably be highly customized to work well with console hardware and gamers (who have very different expectations than PC gamers).

So...all-in-all...I'd be happy to explore doing a console PlanetSide experience for SOE. But I know how much work it would be, so I'd be going in with eyes wide open.

Make sense?

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Registered: Sep 2001 posted 01-21-2003 03:46 PM user search report post
Oh...and by the way...there are still no plans to port PlanetSide to a console. Not yet anyway.
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