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First Sergeant
Terran Republic call to arms

People of the Terran Republic. Today, as thousands of our brothers and sisters fall on the battlefield, let us recall the reason why we fight and die for the Republic.

Four hundred years. Four hundred years has humanity stood together as one people, united under our peaceful banner. Do they, the New Conglomerate and Vanu Sovereignty scum, not recall those terrible wars on Earth? The nuclear winter? Where differences between great nations almost wiped the human race off the face of the planet? How disunity almost tore our entire civilisation to shreds?

From the ashes of the conflict on Earth, our forefathers gave us democracy, law, justice. Was that not enough?! Now the New Conglomerate and Vanu Sovereignty want to split our culture into pieces once again. And look where their disunity has brought us! War and conflict, once again! Why do they wilfully ignore those lessons that we repeat again and again tirelessly, these traitors that supposedly fight for ‘progress’ and ‘freedom’? Have they learnt nothing from our benevolence? Only we, those loyal to the glorious Terran Republic, remember those lessons now, the only guardians of humanity and civilisation remaining on Auraxis.

The New Conglomerate want freedom?! Hah! Do not be fooled - their freedom means a clean slate, an eradication of everything a just society stands for, disposing of centuries of culture and history as if they were old rags. And in service of their corporate masters! Have they forgotten the tragic story four hundred years old, where militant corporations, more powerful than nations, wielded their mercenary armies across Earth, subjecting desperate peoples to enslavement and poverty? Of course they have. The workers of the New Conglomerate homelands have been brainwashed by their corporate overseers to vie for ‘freedom’, when freedom is what we already had! Now they behead their Terran benefactors and blood flows like rivers in the mining towns. And what is left behind for them? Nothing. Anarchy. No government, no justice. Only mob rule, brazen criminality and subservience to corporate paymasters. This is New Conglomerate freedom, my brothers and sisters. This is what they want.

And the Vanu Sovereignty, with their false sense of ‘progress’. It was not enough for them to work with us to pursue research based on respect for human life, for the benefit of mankind. Instead they conducted research in secret facilities, committing atrocities on ignorant human subjects with ‘clean-slate’ respawn technology, turning our citizens to brainless automatons, or creating monstrous aberrations with genetic modification. We told them, we begged them to stop the experiments… What other response could they expect from a moral people than to demand that they stop for the good of humanity until they can prove these technologies to be safe?!

But that didn’t stop them. It just spurred them on. They insisted that we abandon our humanity and become mutants! Pursuing impossible dreams of greatness among the stars with the Vanu race, they chose to sacrifice all that makes them human! Can’t they see what they are doing? How they are twisting their minds and bodies into monsters in the pursuit of some unachievable ideal?! We cannot allow this to happen to the Auraxian people, we will not!

Both of those wretched factions vie for the complete destruction of our civilisation! We must stop them! As the last defenders on humanity on Auraxis, we must defend our history, our culture until we can regain contact with our brothers and sisters on Earth. Our sacrifices, our strong laws, we endure them because we are the only force for good standing between the dark forces of chaos and madness!

That is why we fight, my brothers and sisters. Work hard in the factories. Fight hard on the battlefield. We will overcome. Stand together united, remember where we come from, and we shall be victorious!

Loyalty until death!
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Re: Terran Republic call to arms

Dude, that was good!
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First Sergeant
Re: Terran Republic call to arms

As a follow-up to the Terran call to arms above, here is the Vanu one along similar lines. This and more at my Planetside 2 player-submitted lore website, Tales from Auraxis.

Brave warriors of the Vanu Sovereignty,

As our forces cleave through the armies of ignorance on the battlefield, let us remember why we endure this difficult, but vital task.

‘Inhuman’. That is the slur thrown at our people on every newsreel, every vile piece of propaganda spouted by our enemies. But do not pay them heed, my brothers and sisters, as this insult is borne of ignorance.

Is it not the very nature of human kind to innovate? To progress? To create anew? Between those ancients who discovered fire, electricity, space travel, to our people who tirelessly discover the mysteries of the Vanu artifacts for the betterment of mankind, what is different? Nothing.

And yet they tell us that we, the Vanu Sovereignty, are inhuman? Because we improve, adapt, and innovate beyond what these jealous fools can achieve, they claim we are of a different species? It is a lie! The urge to progress, to improve is imprinted within the human genome itself, it flows in our veins. The truth is that we, the Vanu Sovereignty, are the only people left on Auraxis fighting for what it truly means to be human - for progress, peace and freedom!

It has been this way since the founding of our movement. Two hundred years ago, when Vanu himself told Briggs that it was human destiny to join the other great alien civilisations, we were offered a golden opportunity to live forever in a society among the stars, free from war, hunger or disease.

We tirelessly laboured to open the eyes of our brethren to this truth. Inspiring a global effort to investigate the Vanu artifacts, we created masterpieces such as the Warpgates for instantaneous travel, rebirthing technology so that human beings would never have to die, augmentations to make humanity more intelligent, faster, stronger.

But despite our gifts to our fellow Auraxians, despite the clear messages from Briggs and Vanu himself, our brother factions chose to recoil from bringing humanity the final short steps to the podium of greatness! They rejected it all for ignorant, backward concepts such as total control or unbridled, corporate anarchy.

After the millenia of suffering humanity had endured on Earth and then Auraxis, after all we had already achieved, how could we allow them to turn back?! To condemn humanity to an eternal cycle of ignorance, war and suffering?! Of course we could not! So our brave forefathers continued their work in secret, in the hope that one day our fellow Auraxians would see the light.

We offered them partnership within this great venture so many times. But they refused again and again, choosing instead to mock us, to slow us, even to oppress us. Even during those dark days, we were patient. Even as they closed our laboratories and forced us to work under their supervision, we bit our tongues. Even as they destroyed our space fleet to prevent us from escaping Auraxis to be free as an independent people, we held back our rage. But when their cowardly forces attacked our homeland, when they raided our towns and cities to steal our peaceful technologies and corrupt them into instruments of war, when they chased us into the freezing snow of Esamir in the hope that we would disappear forever, we finally reached our limits.

They did not make us disappear. Progress is the greatest of ideals, that cannot simply disappear! From the ruins we turned our finest minds to military ordnance, and within years we unleashed our forces from our refuge. Our superior technology crushed them in battle after battle, and now they are beginning to realise the futility of fighting us. We are superior and unstoppable. Human progress cannot, will not be stopped.

After two long centuries, we have finally realised the simple truth; It is the vile leaders of the Terran Republic and the New Conglomerate who are inhuman! These beasts who deny humanity our right to progress, to improve! They act just like the savage rulers of old - condemning humankind to slave endlessly within the dark cycle of destruction, murder and tyranny again and again - these are the true monsters in our midst! Mankind can never reach its true potential while these hideous creatures from the ‘old world’ order cling onto power. For the sake of humankind, it is our duty to destroy those responsible for these out-dated, savage delusions, so that our species can finally progress to the next stage of our evolution, based on the principles of peace, justice and scientific rationality. We, the Vanu Sovereignty, will free the Auraxian people from their archaic oppressors!

We commit ourselves to total war out of love for humanity, for the betterment of our species. And you are the mighty heroes of this great evolution. War is anathema to our peaceful souls, and every life taken pains us despite its necessity, but I promise you that your sacrifice is only temporary. The tide is turning, our enemies will finally realise the truth, and soon we shall see peace once again. These days are simply the temporary growing pains of a young, glorious civilisation. The Vanu Sovereignty will be the saviours of humankind!

Stand firm my brothers and sisters - the forces of ignorance will never prevail! Whether they join us or fall before us, one day Auraxis will be at peace, and humanity will be blessed with a great, glorious future!

Technology equals might!
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