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Post Little Things - Small changes to make PS2 Better

Dont shoot me if this has been posted in some form or another, I know there is an entire forum dedicated to Idea's which I will be parsing as I get the chance (since I just found out about this place today... i-r-teh-noob)

Anyway, I've got this thread running on Reddit, and the Main SOE forums sourcing out Ideas for Little Changes to be made to the current game to make it better.

Reddit Thread:
SOE Thread:

NOTE: some of these items are just bullet points; Crator on the SOE forums and Here I'm guessing made mention of expanding the items. I have a list of suggestions to expand the topics but its a wall of text as is, and don't want people to turn away from it because of that. This is not consistent throughout the whole thing.

Post it around the web!

Have your community Look at it!

Pass it Around your outfit!

Here is the List:

  • Auto-Resupply Grenades\Beacons\whatnot if resources are available
  • Cert Purchase Confirmation
  • Proper Chat Function
  • Try Before you Buy Mechanic for Items:
  1. Ability to buy locked items from the store with resources and use them until you die.
  2. For vehicle weapons, you can customize the vehicle with different weapons with each additional weapon costing more and the vehicle overall would cost alot more resources over the standard vanilla vehicle. And if you want to have the weapon permanently, you can buy it with Aux or station cash; With 24hr Lockout \ Gating mechanic
  • In-game clock. for the current continent time as well as current server time
  • Toggle-able Voice Chat; for setting up Squads and Outfit VOIP (or get mumble\TS\VENT)
  • Visual Server Queue \ Some way to know there is a Queue and how long it will be.
  • Better Key Binding Support
  • Map Centering on Player Position at previous Zoom Level, have it toggle-able
  • Better Hot Spot Designation - Pulsing map Tiles may be a better way to visually see the Hot Spots.
  • Crouch = Quiet Foot Steps, to allow for sneaking, does not apply to maxes.
  • Friendly Aircraft has a greater range for ground spotting, Possibly also true for unfriendly Aircraft. Only in Turrets or Vehicles with AA Capability.
  • Ability to look a full 180° up and down.
  • Better Teleporter Designation possibly, for Bio Labs have the links shown (A) to (A) have it change to the appropriate Faction Owner Color
  • Squad Commands that are bindable and depending on the situation provide a way point such as "Center on Me". Or a Bigger beacon \ Tag on the Squad Leader Issuing the command. With Visual HUD updates.
  • Better Squad Map Position including members in vehicles
  • Toggle Squad Name Plate Draw Distance
  • Bindable Waypoint Set for Squad\Personal use
  • Mass Invite
  • Outfit Location if not in Squad via map with Colors based on rank
  • Outfit Organization and structuring; who invited who, Notes, and such
  • Remove the Heavy Assault shield effect from the Sights
  • Auto highlight enemy\Auto Spot via Cert\Scope
  • Better Weapon Balance via more ammo for Snipers; less Recoil for Auto's\ something along those lines.
  • Dumbfire Missiles (default HA) should do massive damage to air-born craft due to Skill > Item with Lockon
  • Selectable Zoom - If I unlock them all why cant I step though them? Also have it default to the last Zoom Level Used.
  • Ramming Damage - Especially on the Sunderer
  • Turret stabilization for the main guns on tanks. Something certable and equippable, balanced by other equipment options that take the same slot and provide similarly attractive benefits.
  • Flash to Seat 2 People, 1 forward facing the other Rear Facing with ability to use sidearm\main weapon
  • Add a feature to the Galaxy that pops a 30 second graphical countdown over the top letting people know you're going to leave. - Have this visible to everyone in the galaxy.
  • Passive upgrades to speed, Turning and other features with Trade offs for other certs, with equally attractive benefits, like Armoring or something like that.
  • Separate Control Scheme for Aircraft
  • Aircraft Turret Orientation - Like tanks but for the Liberator so you know where you are in regards to angle Lock and the front of the aircraft
  • Tone or Loading Noise when Swapping between weapons on Light Aircraft to differentiate between primary and secondary weapons
  • Change to the Vehicle Spawn Mechanic: People Teleport to the Ship upon take off; Pilot can select from the squad\platoon and Spawn people with them into the Ship; For Liberators and Galaxys - Maybe limit this function to sanctuary for Galaxys.
  • More Enclosed bases, Small bases should be capable by 1 person if no one is there but they should not be able to fly up, cap the base then move on. Caps should be either under ground or Within a bigger building. Or a Shield should prevent people from landing on the base.
  • The Crown - This is very defensible as long as you have a group working to recap and repair the spawn gen and enough AA support, All the bases should be "hard" to cap.
  • There are few Choke Points within bases, and the choke points that do exist are not really choke points and more like doors that missiles and grenades get thrown down till everyone is moved or dead.
  • Teleporter rooms in Bio Labs need to be tweaked, They either need to prevent shooting out or be larger buildings with more exits.
  • Small changes to bases to make objectives more dependable. Just clear out and add minor cover such as boxes. Right now it is far to hard to defend them with smaller groups of people.
  • API Tool Set (after beta I'm sure we will see this)

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Re: Little Things - Small changes to make PS2 Better

Right now the only little thing that bothers the fuck outta me is make the Lightning and all-terrain vehicle. If you even think about taking it off a road, it'll get stuck in in a ditch.

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