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Old 2013-05-05, 01:00 PM   [Ignore Me] #1
Need to find an outfit that not only plays but fights - Mattherson

Like the title says, looking for an outfit that isn't afraid of a fight and is always in the thick of things, I have alts for all 3 factions and play mostly late night and as infantry HA/LA, but all my classes are maximized or close. Rarely pull armor, have AP reload max'd on all my tanks and usually use them for suicide sundy runs as HA with Deci. I don't care about K/D and I'm all about team objectives, if any good outfit commanders are looking for a loyal mercenary I'm your man.

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Re: Need to find an outfit that not only plays but fights - Mattherson

Moved it to the right forum and renamed the title.
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Ghosts of the Revolution is a VS Mattherson outfit that's always in the fight. Our members hate ghost capping unless it's to get a link to the big fight.

We look for fights we have a chance of winning or we try to force one. There's always a squad or two up and running, and we do organized operations every day.

You can check out our recruitment post in the VS area, which I would normally link except I'm on tapatalk. Hooray mobile device.

Feel free to PM me with any inquiries.

---robocpf1, Outfit Leader
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Re: Need to find an outfit that not only plays but fights - Mattherson

The Templar Order on Connery [TPLR] fight no matter how big a zerg hits us which is why I joined them. We refuse to back cap even if it means losing an alert. We spend our ops time looking for a fight not sneaking around on the back cap merry go round.

Our motto literally is "Templars Fight!"

We stay together as a unit, have an air squad and a spec ops squad and we dont goof off on voice chat during ops. During non-ops time you can joke around and goof off all you want. Its not for everyone but for those who want their unit to take it a little more serious its right up our ally.

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Old 2013-05-13, 01:45 AM   [Ignore Me] #5
Valiant Viet
Re: Need to find an outfit that not only plays but fights - Mattherson

Congratulations ColdCheese, Clan Magnus Legio is searching for ambitious Auraxian assassins to join our cause! Join any of our daily open platoons to try us out; Just look for "CML - Legion #" in the social squad section in-game. CML would be a perfect match for you being that your are objective driven. We too like to focus on objectives rather than scurrying behind cover and camping corners. Our clan is one of the most well-known and highly-respected New Conglomerate outfits on Mattherson, and we would enjoy having you represent the honor and glory of The Legion. We are searching for like-minded gamers who value teamwork and coordinated gameplay. Using Teamspeak 3, our organization is unrivaled and our clan is unique. There are many outfits in the New Conglomerate, but we hope to hear from you at our headquarters.

For more details click on the links below.

Our Website|PS2 Wiki|SOE Forums|PSU Forums|Stats
click to redirect to our forums

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Old 2013-07-15, 12:44 PM   [Ignore Me] #6
Re: Need to find an outfit that not only plays but fights - Mattherson

Hello ColdCheese,
You search for a community in which companionship is the all and everything ? In which discipline is getting written big and whose backbone is loyality? In which you have to be ready to give everything for your teammates but in return having teammates who would give everything for you. In which commiment is getting rewarded and which under military leadership ?

Then the BWC is the right palce for you ! Veteran founded, owned and operated. You can make yourself ready to find a unique climate which is driven by respect and acceptance.

We care about tactics and that gives us an huge advance over others.

interested ? Join us here: or take a look at our site in general:

see you soon,

Not convinced ? Send me a PM and we can talk a bit about BWC on Team Speak,

BWC- One Team on Fight
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Re: Need to find an outfit that not only plays but fights - Mattherson

Stick with Gotr. The others were horrible in PS1, or are newly formed.
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