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Adam Clegg @Arclegger talks Weapons

Clegg is about to go live on

Talking about various plans that are currently in the concept stage.

Infiltrator Updates:
  • Decoy Grenades, will create fake radar blips.
  • Stalker Cloak, will recharge when standing still but decrease when running/moving. Must give up your weapon in order to use.
  • Motion Sensor - will detect enemies in a radius around it.
  • New Suit Slot - will show explosives on your HUD through walls.
  • Strait Pull Bolt Action - zoom/fire and reload your gun not leaving your scope.
  • Recon Drone - bringing back the REK to deploy. Drone will fly in the air and you will be able to switch to its view. Still very much a concept looking for feedback!

  • Radar (Sunderer)
  • Cloak (Sunderer)

Also torokokill posted an excellent rundown.

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