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Old 2012-06-07, 01:38 PM   [Ignore Me] #1
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New player spawning in.

Hello all.

This is my first foray into the planetside community, so be nice

I missed out on the first planetside due to my youth (being about 12 when it came out) and I have being following its successor since GDC last year. The game itself looks super awesome, with the air combat being of particular interest to me.

My gaming history begins with the dreamcast, followed by the playstation 2 then the xbox 360 with a few dashes of pc gaming thrown in from time to time. I never really narrow myself to one particular genre, instead I play anything with the exception being sports games. As you can tell, console is my forte but the promise of scale, community and 1200 other people to shoot has lured me into the realms of pc gaming. With my first pc being custom built as we speak (or type), I may now be penniless, but I have a beta key from PCGamer mag and I now sit and wait, hoping that my rig will arrive before the start of beta testing.

As I have previously stated, I am drawn most to the air combat shown in Planetside 2. In game, I see myself being primarily a mosquito pilot. With resources being limited however, on the ground I can predict playing as an engineer. The idea of laying a minefield to protect a base, or setting up a turret to defend a capture point has me almost paralysed with excitement!

So, yeah. Sorry for the life story, I thought that when dealing with such a community driven game like planetside it would be best to get out there and say hi to all the vets.

Je suis fini. See you all in beta!
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Welcome to PSU!

Hope to see you in beta!



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Re: New player spawning in.

welcome lad!
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Re: New player spawning in.


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Re: New player spawning in.


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