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Old 2013-08-22, 01:38 PM   [Ignore Me] #10
Re: Consolidated Community Clash Feedback Thread

Incoming Wall of Text and unless you really are interested in feedback I would not worry to much because this is nit-picking.

The cast crew needs to go to all of the available bases on each map and evaluate them. Grade them 1-10, 12v12 or 24v24 approved. Take all the ones 8+ circle them and publish them as possible battle bases for the events. Maybe even detail the spawns.

^This will allow everyone ample time to prepare and know how things will flow, also improving on the down-time.

This should be very easy, each group should be asked if they want to involve vehicles for the evening Yes or No. If they agree, do not over complicate it. If they pull a MBT in a 15 minute match they would be spawning @ 30+ seconds after the start and reaching the fight at min 2+ minutes into a now 13 Min match.

This same Vehicle is walking in to a controlled environment of organized squad play. It takes maybe 2 heavies 15 seconds to kill it. Thus burning over 2:30min of the enemys time fighting at full force. Vehicles are a blessing or burden, when ignored they roam free and when focused they are vaporized. Groups should be liable to respond accordingly to a dynamic battlefield.

The Play
If we were to sit down and ask any of these squad leaders this question, how would they respond? "You are approaching a base and are presented with 12 players in the cap room, How do you overcome this and what is the minimum you would need?"

Is it 3LA's with C4, 5 Bandolier Heavies, a counter 12 man max crash? This is what they need to then be executing on within the community clashes. These events let groups push to perform and execute these. They need time to develop but once players are able to learn the bases and get comfortable with favorite spots you will see much more engaging play and a lot less of these Mexican stand off's. As players will be leveraging fields of fire to deny access to objectives rather than turtling inside.

Having great play relies heavily on balanced bases to play in but remember that anytime a attacker has a advantage, the other team will share that same advantage for their turn. If for some reason they do not or are not able to then that should not be a valid base.

It is getting better for sure, just try and keep in mind to always be reporting:
  • What is happening
  • Why it is happening
  • what could have be done to change the outcome

+rest of generic observer cam improvements and ironing out the hick-ups.

Looking forward to future matches.

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