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Renewed Background

What inspired me to make this this post is the real possibility of changing the backstory to foretell the future of PlanetSide's immediate and distance development. Also what encouraged me is the "missing pages" feeling of the Vanu's background.

Terran Republic [original]
Originally Posted by Terran Republic (edited)
The Terran Republic is the empire from which the story begins. Having existed for 1,112 years, it is the originator of all 3 empires. The Terran Republic was officially established with the ratification of the Declaration of Constancy by nations weary of nearly two hundred years of war. They brought order to chaos and the world to an era of peace. Terrans eventually made space travel possible. From this, Wormholes were discovered, studied, and found to be a means of transportation from one area of space to another. It is through one of these wormholes that the Terran Republic found their way to Auraxis, an earth-like planet that could sustain life. They proceeded with plans of colonization for Auraxis, which went on, uninterrupted, for 40 years. However, things changed 30 years after colonialism began. The wormhole collapsed, stranding the entire expeditionary force. They began research on how they could re-open the wormhole. During these uncertain times a unique planetary resources was discovered on Auraxis. These were solid crystals that suspiciously became an immediate new attraction and distraction during global despair. Increasing numbers of professional and amateur scientists working diligently became aggressive and stubborn. Their research failed. Populations migrated away from degrading society and its grievances to a sanctioned distant continent. The scientists, too, relocated to this sanctuary with their new "professional obsession". Shortly after this, the development of "Rebirthing" technology began. It started to become clear to the Terran leadership that this new technology would destabilize future colonies. They put in place restrictions on the new technology, so they could study it better without interruption. A sense of immortality began to create turmoil between developing factions. Already, the population of warped minds of Sanctuary posed a inconspicuous united threat against oppression and it's identity as the Terran Republic. The New Conglomerate knew of the strengths this could benefit to them but not of the unified ill-intentions that polluted them over there. Nevertheless, the republic was struggling. They decided to visit their designated Sanctuary and recruit militants for battle.

Unrest formed between the developing factions which was elevated by rogue scientists and republic military deserters, all blinded by the deluded power of their own faith in themselves; their own humanity. Recent attempts to gentle the uprising of these renegades ended oppression with a defiant bloody night-long battle that resulted in isolated freedom of a populated alien world odyssey, who then declared themselves the VC. This begun the triage war. While this was going on, a second faction called the NC inspired by this event struck from behind and left the republic.

The TR's weapons focus on killing their opponents quickly. Their weapons have the highest rate of fire of the 3 empires.

Vanu Sovereignty [original]
Originally Posted by Vanu Sovereignty (edited)
The Vanu Sovereignty gained their name through a number of insinuating circumstances though the nature of it all was orchestrated after a discovery of a monolith. Their crystal artifacts were discovered on the planet of Auraxis shortly after the first expeditionary forces from the Terran Republic arrived, which lead them to a greater archeological discovery on an unoccupied continent. The purple monolith - a huge crystal breaching from underneath the surface of a questionably flat landscape. The civil status of the republic collapsed as the Wormhole collapsed, and leadership began to grow anxious. Distant authorities pressured even expeditionary scientists around the world to "keep the world happy" with their discoveries and diligent research of Wormholes. Scientists became celebrities in this new world. Smaller crystal shards from around Auraxis were relocated to the sanctioned continent. The media was interested in documenting and revealing this to the world. Controlled populations migrated to the continent and began immediate construction of iconic residential and industrial buildings around the monolith. The New Conglomerate had already been established though some liberty fighters seeked asylum. Oppressive republican authorities pursued this attractive cultivating society. Some scientists became gravely obsessed by the monolith's and the shard's unique alien property, and republicans questioned the characteristics of this evolving isolated society. Oppression began on the continent of Sanctuary, this invigorated the New Conglomerate across the globe. The monolith proved to have buffered the minds of people and warped the minds of earlier scientists. "Vanu" was the identified property of the alien crystal they muttered alot. Oppression continued with republic militants bringing their civil arresting experiences to the sanctioned society. The republic wants to scale the demand of the world's desperation since the Wormhole collapse. With all this alongside colonial agendas came the eventual discovery of "Rebirthing" technology, and the offer of immortality. Scientists were forced to keep research on this new technology secret. However, the sanctioned world easily rallied scientists to join their cause. A secret sect of scientists worked against the oppressive republic engineered advanced alien-like fast-striking machinary for a revolt. This sanctioned continent was compromised. People's lives and their society was in danger, and so a secret rebellion began. At dusk areas were quiet. Bombs synchronized and exploded, and the monolith pulsated its gathered energies arising from the excavated ground creating an earthquake. Originally assumed to have been a synchronized civil revolt. It was a confusion of might and magic. The retaliation attack was cleverly planned under an influence, which inspired New Conglomerates around the world. The monolith has everyone attuned: scientists ascended to national and militarial leadership proclaiming their identity as the Sovereigns of Vanu, and society became a technocracy. The Terran Republic fled the continent of the warped with sensitive technological information to their advantage. The Vanu Sovereignty sealed access to their world completely.

The VS seeks to destroy the TR for their years of oppression and lies. The New Conglomerate declared war on them because the unreasonably betrayed them while they were both against the republic.

Through the use of their technology and monolith Vanu warp-energies, advanced armories were created. They were so creative it became an alien identity of Auraxis. This correlates with their warped minds. Also, the ability to improve the human body through modification. These are the things which caused the Terran Republic and the New Conglomerate to hate them.

Their weapons rely on being fast if you can hit your enemy before they can hit you. You have the advantage.
New Conglomerate [original]
Originally Posted by New Conglomerate (edited)
Conglomerate split from the Terran Republic due to its oppression. Over a century before the wormhole collapse, there was a small group of freedom fighters that called themselves "Liberty's Call". They staged a demonstration protesting the Republic's systematic elimination of human rights. A large group of people gathered to hear their views. However, the Terran Republic's Riot Police put an end to the demonstration killing every protester and even several innocent onlookers. Now, with the Wormhole collapse, the New Conglomerate is determined to write a new history. One free of the controlling Republic. Through the knowledge of a continent sanctioned by the Terran Republic, several large groups fled there each month. Other transports were later escorted back to the Republican dominion. Obviously the Terran Republic could not be trusted and the majority who realized stayed to fight. In the process of their long separation, they gained control of several rebirthing facilities and were granted technology from rebelious scientists afar. Now, they work on creating a overwhelming army to crush the Terran Republic, who were struggling. They were unsuccessful to recruit militants from "Sanctuary" to battle against their new rival. Instead, inspirational battles erupted at Sanctuary! The New Conglomerate knew their long-awaited action were in-sync with those who call themselves the Sovereign of Vanu. We were both fighting the same enemy though they refused to ally....

They also strive to destroy the VS, considering them "freaks" who are molding humanity to their own views. They believe that the Vanu, nurtured by oppression and warped by the monolith, are a threat to humanity itself.

The New Conglomerate's weapons stress Brute Force thus they have large tanks hoping to weaken the enemy before they can be destroyed.

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Re: Renewed Background

Wait so the green is what you are ADDING to the back story?
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Re: Renewed Background

Uhm. Yesh.
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Re: Renewed Background

I would say the Vanu rely on versatile weapons, as oppose to fast ones. But otherwise that's very well written. I didnt really every rate Sony's backstory, and I think if you weren't working from their material you could have come up with something even better.
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Re: Renewed Background

I'm looking forward to seeing the changes and, hopefully, depth the PS2 story has over PS1 but your modifications seem pro New Conglomerate, anti Terran Republic, and portrays the Vanu Sovereignty as deluded, mindless obsessives. One of the important foundations of the PlanetSide story is that each empire is right according to its own beliefs and perspectives:

The TR sees itself as custodians of Auraxis and the others as threats to world security. The NC see themselves as freedom fighters and the others as oppressors. And the VS see the Vanu technology as the next stage in human development and the others as barriers to progress.

It could of course be that the TR are oppressive tyrants, the NC are renegade terrorists, and the VS are freaks bent on world assimilation but the beauty is that the player gets to decide which side they agree with (if that is part of their decision making, they could just like the colour scheme ).

Would also be cool if SOE had some radio broadcasts, CCTV footage, or news reports (a bit cliché) to fill out the backstory prior to release.
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Re: Renewed Background

I feel he intentionally wrote his part to feel that way.
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Re: Renewed Background

The original was a bit lob-sided itself anyway... :P
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Re: Renewed Background

I would also like more back story as to how the Terran Republic that governs Earth and her acquisitions was formed, what sort of conflicts brought it about, how it governs its peoples, what sort of problems its encountered in the known galaxy (other than PS).

Just some brief back story of the REAL TR that are still governing Earth somewhere would be nice to have.

Also some info on the original Vanu aliens that once lived on Auraxis would be cool to read.
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