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Re: Consolidated Community Clash Feedback Thread

Okay I finally got some time to watch the show and here's my feedback (DA vs BWC):

I'll start by saying that I was amazed with the quality of the show, considering it was pretty mach a fan-made show, started by players without much esport broadcasting experience.

Now more detailed feedback and suggestions:
  • Find a solution to latency, because commentary is several seconds ahead.
  • It's preferable to have 2 commentators max, since when there're 3 commentators, pandemonium sets loose during a heated battle.
  • Before the show, ask the players who can stream (harmlessly for their performance) to put streams up. First person view is always interesting, besides it makes checking out loadouts possible.
  • I strongly advise keeping an eye on the score tab ("Tab" button), and point out individual player achievements, since 12v12 is not a very big format and allows for this.
  • Similar to the previous point, try and look out for players' achievement druing fights (like killstreaks, AMS destructions etc), and name these players.
  • Multiple cameras are great, but I suggest that there's always only 1 on-screen camera with one person responsible for choosing which is active. I can safely bet that Mrs. Hamma can do that. Or else invite a friend to your enterprise.
  • The squad roster class callouts are great, but I'd advise some more speculating on how the comp can be used in battles, its strengths and weaknesses. Commentators did that, but they didn't go in-depth.
  • Some acting skills would also benefit the show, as some significant pushes should make the commentator sound excited, even if he isn't. A bit more drama always makes watching interesting.
  • Less talk about the general stuff, like the environment, unless it's somehow tied to the team, like "the point has alot of cover but Outfit Name did not use it to it's full potential, and, I think, that is why they lost the first wave", etc. Basically you should comment for an informed player rather than a newbie who can't see what's happening.
  • Before releasing the recording, I'd suggest making a short Clash Highlights video with some poetic newscaster-like commentary. Something like that* (see the asterisk), shedding some ligh onto the even't main highlights. Avoid the mentions of unrelated things like randoms popping out on the point etc, unless these were gamechanging.
  • When showing team comps via squad window, zoom in on the list, so it is actually visible and put an outfit's logo onto screen so people can see whose squad is on the screen even if they don't hear sound.
  • It's the first event and it certainly needed polishing, but changing the rules during the event is not exactly a good idea.
  • Less webcams even when there's nothing to see on the map. Talking faces are more still than player characters running around in circles, even if it may seem quite the opposite.
  • If at all possible - have 2 extra dummy players on two teams with continental map opened at the place of combat to fully see the movements of players. This is not necessarily a screen to show the viewers, but a mere tool to help cameraman (cameramen).

*"After grouping up for their first combat, both teams were using what some may call "unorthodox" comps, Black Widow Company chose to gather MAXes, sacrificing Heavy Assault slots, while DasAnfall decided to use as many Heavy Assaults as possible. DA quickrushed BWC with harrasers and infantry, quickly taking over the point not letting BWC take it back, resulting in BWC losing their first defense rather quickly, despite their hard effort to ensure the proper entrenching with mines and Anti-Vehicular setups. The start of the second half was extremely spectacular as DA had a very interesting tactic in mind: while BWC tried to use the quickrush methods similar to DA's, DA countered their own tactic with droppods raining down from the sky and taking high ground. Successful ambush denied the first strike to their enemy with one successful smoke grenade and..."

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