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Incidence Report #29██-3, Project Benevolent Watcher

>CLASSIFIED INFORMATION: ‘Archivist’ LEVEL CLEARANCE REQUIRED. Please enter Security Clearance Code in order to view file: Project BENEVOLENT WATCHER
>Password: **********
>Security Clearance Level: ‘Paragon’. Clearance accepted. Praise The Work Of The Great Ones
> Security Type: Incidence Report, Code Teal

>File: Current Status
CURRENT STATUS: Project BENEVOLENT WATCHER has been shut down with no chance of re-evaluation. All temple-laboratories involved in Project BENEVOLENT WATCHER have been permanently sealed off by nanowalls set to maximum levels of repair and replication. Unless further orders are given by Diocese-Manager ████ ██████, any and all personnel approaching any affiliated temple-laboratories involved are to be detained and questioned. Use of nanological probing is authorized on such personnel. Four (4) members of Project VANU’S WRATH are to be stationed in front of the entrance leading to affiliated temple-laboratories at all times. So it is decreed, in the name of Our Lord Vanu.
> Show File: Description
DESCRIPTION: Project #29███, codenamed BENEVOLENT WATCHER, was a series of experiments conducted by the Nano-Bishophood of the Most Divine Church with the primary phase consisting of seeing whether the human genome could, with careful application of nanological agents, be influenced, mutated, or otherwise changed to suit the Will of Vanu, and the secondary phase consisting of developing a new series of nanological modifications with the primary ability of granting additional infiltration and reconnaissance abilities. On ██/██/████ the primary phase of Project BENEVOLENT WATCHER was started with Bishop-Nanocists ████ ██████, ██ ████████, and ██████ ████████ assigned to the project along with Deacon-Biologist ████ ██████████ and Cleric-Physicist ████ ████████.

Following the discovery that the human genome was indeed blessed by the Will of Vanu to be mutable by nanological agents, the secondary phase of Project BENEVOLENT WATCHER was put into action. Using avian DNA influenced with nanological agents so as to be adaptable with the human genome, the members of Project BENEVOLENT WATCHER created the following modifications that in theory would provide these desired effects, as listed below:

Modification #01: Sudden growth of feathers upon skin, and wings begin to develop upon the shoulder blades.

Modification #02; Fingers and toes develop a hard chitinous casing which is preturnaturally sharp, capable of slicing through nano-enchanted steel.

Modification #03: The lips, nose, teeth and mouth develops into a beak, and eyesight quality is increased dramatically, able to spot a target from over three thousand (3000) metres away without assistance.

Modification #04: Excess fat is dissolved by the body and converted into muscle elsewhere, with the result of giving the body a whipcord structure and increasing the required daily caloric intake threefold.

Modification #05: ████████████ ████████████ ████████████████ ███████████.

Permission was granted by the Nano-Bishophood of the Most Divine Church to use live subjects for testing, ranging from blessed volunteers to captured military and civilian personnel. Subjects would begin to develop normally until Modification #05, when the nanological mutations would deviate greatly, resulting in ████████ ██████████ that caused █ personnel to join the consciousness of the Almighty Vanu. It was theorised that the nanites used were corrupted, leading the authorization of a new farm of nanological agents to be despatched to the temple-laboratories of Project BENEVOLENT WATCHER. Following the shipment’s arrival, and the subsequent Incidence Report-03, Project BENEVOLENT WATCHER has been postponed indefinitely, in accordance with the will of the Great Ones.

>Show File: Incidence Report -03

INCIDENCE REPORT - 03: On ██/██/████, all communications with Project BENEVOLENT WATCHER suddenly and inexplicably ceased. Further investigation revealed that this was a case of personnel being absent from communication devices, and not, as was originally believed, a technical fault or electromagnetic attack. When personnel failed to respond to roll calls and curfews, a task force consisting of three (3) Healers, five (5) Heavy Response Agents and one (1) member of Project VANU’S WRATH were sent into the temple-laboratories to investigate the issue, and to confirm if it was heathen attack. They were found by the Holy Matrices of Immortality, suffering from severe psychological trauma. Of the member of Project VANU’S WRATH, there was no sign, and when questioned about its absence the afflicted personnel did not respond. Subsequent interrogation of, and forced rebooting of reincarnation nanites in afflicted personnel has yielded negligible results. Following this incident, missing personnel reports from surrounding chapel-complexes increased by ██%, and findings of dismembered and mutilated bodies by ██%. As the increases are well within 1 percentile of each other, it is assumed that the remains discovered were the missing persons. As only our blessed warrior-monks have access to the Holy Matrices, they have become one with the Great Ones, and shall be joyful and cherished by all, now and forever.
Reportings of ‘strange and fearsome hawkmen’ flooded in from these temple-complexes at approximately the same time as the missing personnel reports prompted the Most Divine Church to act, sending in five (5) teams of Adjudicators equipped with {Classified}. This battalion was led by Archon ███████.

The following transcript is from Squad ‘█████’, all members of which are presumed KIA:
[██/██/████, ██:██ AM]: (Footsteps and a warning klaxon can be heard. All life signs are at optimal functionality)
[██/██/████, ██:██ AM]: Adjudicator █████: “Oh holy Vanu, blessed be your name, your paradise cometh, your immortal will be done upon the blessed soils of Miraol as it is in the Great Beyond-”
[██/██/████, ██:██ AM]: Adjudicator █████: “Myn devout brother, is it not said that ‘Blessed be thee who keep the lips of the body sealed fast, lest those of lecherous intent seize their loathsome hold upon ye?’ And yet here we walk the path of war whilst thou prattlst away the sermons of the priests!”
[██/██/████, ██:██ AM]: Adjudicator █████: “Dost thou find myn blessings upon thee to be painful to behold? I only wish to ensure that our most Holy Lord Vanu, blessed be his works, But of course, thine dim-witted senses maketh sure that thou is only fit for warfare, ye damed clod!”
[██/██/████, ██:██ AM]: Adjudicator █████: “Ist that so? Then what doth that make thee, a snivelling coward? An unenlightened purist?”
[██/██/████, ██:██ AM]: Adjudicator Primaris █████: “A curse of silence upon both thine heads! Ye fools will hath alerted this nano-filth to our presence with your ceaseless bickering! Be quiet, as the prophet Briggs was when faced with the wrath of the unworthy, lest we all meet an ingno-”
[██/██/████, ██:██ AM]: (Adjudicator █████’s life signs cease to function. His immortal soul shall be reborn in the Holy Matrices of Immortality.)
[██/██/████, ██:██ AM]: Adjudicator █████: “Vanu save us, they come!”
[██/██/████, ██:██ AM]: Adjudicator █████: “Remember thine training, brothers! We are the immortal red hand of the Great Ones! The sins of these beasts shall be purified this day!”
[██/██/████, ██:██ AM]: (Birdcalls are heard in the distance, with the sounds of weapons being readied. A rapid clicking noise is heard rapidly approaching.)
[██/██/████, ██:██ AM]: Adjudicator █████: “Vanu’s wounds! They co-(Adjudicator █████ begins screaming.)
[██/██/████, ██:██ AM]: (Adjudicator █████’s life signs cease to function. Her immortal soul shall be reborn in the Holy Matrices of Immortality.)
[██/██/████, ██:██ AM]: (Plasma caster discharges are heard, along with the sound of birds shrieking and agonized screaming.)
[██/██/████, ██:██ AM]: (Adjudicator █████’s life signs cease to function. His immortal soul shall be reborn in the Holy Matrices of Immortality.)
[██/██/████, ██:██ AM]: (Adjudicator Primaris █████’s life signs cease to function. His immortal soul shall be reborn in the Holy Matrices of Immortality.)
[██/██/████, ██:██ AM]: (Adjudicator █████’s life signs cease to function. Her immortal soul shall be reborn in the Holy Matrices of Immortality.)
[██/██/████, ██:██ AM]: (sound of running heard in close proximity. Birdcalls are heard in the distance, along with the sound of {Classified})
[██/██/████, ██:██ AM]: Adjudicator █████: “Lords above, I don’t wish to die. Not like this.”
[██/██/████, ██:██ AM]: (Adjudicator █████’s life signs cease to function. His immortal soul shall be reborn in the Holy Matrices of Immortality.)

Three out of the five teams sent in were destroyed to a man. When they failed to appear at the Holy Matrices of Immortality, the Most Divine Church came to the conclusion that Project BENEVOLENT WATCHER had found a way of blocking the reincarnation signal, and thus the Adjudicators had come to sit at the side of the Almighty Vanu. The last two teams managed to fight their way through to the main temple-laboratory, whereupon they not only discovered active Matrices supplying the creatures with stolen immortality but also {Classified}. The teams managed to, at great cost, destroy the Matrices, as well as any of the hawk-men they could find, Archon ███████ in particular managing to kill ██ of the creatures before succumbing to her wounds. They were shortly KIA, and have now gone to the Great Beyond, where Vanu the Shepherd shall watch over his flock forever. Following this incident, the Most Divine Church has banned unwarranted development of nanological modifications without extensive testing and review. So it has been decreed, in the name of the Great Ones.

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