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The First Auraxian War: A History

This is going to be an on-going work in progress - I shall continually add new stuff to this. For shits and giggles, because I like military history and also because I feel like writing something, I'm going to write something of a History book for the war we all presently fight in Planetside, as in I assume the war had a conclusion and things happened to cause that end - well, what would happen? That is what I shall transcribe here.

I'm not sure how long this will get or how many people will even look at it but here it goes.

Some Changes to Note
1. Mentally enlarge the continents as they are now so that they are much larger and more closely resemble the size of actually continents.
2. Because we don't have Hossin as of the time I've started this and I don't want to use a vague map structure, for the purposes of this "history" Hossin doesn't exist. Amerish, Indar and Esamir are the only inhabited continents.
3.Now that you've enlarged the continents, imagine that every Amp Station, Bio Lab and Tech plant is not an isolated facility but simply the centerpiece of a large city occupied by civilians.
4. The Capitol of the Terran Republic is built just south of the SW Indar Warp Gate (flatten the mountains south of Arc Bioengineering - that's about where it is)
5. Warp Gates are named according to the Nearest City. The Warp Gates are thus named:

SW Indar Warp Gate: Capitol Warp Gate
SE Indar Warp Gate: Tawrich Warp Gate
N Indar Warp Gate: Mao Warp Gate
NW Esamir Warp Gate: Freyr Warp Gate
NE Esamir Warp Gate: Nott Warp Gate
SW Esamir Warp Gate: Elli Warp Gate
NE Amerish Warp Gate: Kwahtee Warp Gate
NW Amerish Warp Gate: Sungrey Warp Gate
S Amerish Warp Gate: Tumas Warp Gate

Ok, now for some actual info. First, some background info on how each faction's armed forced operate.

Background on Forces:

Terran Republic:

The Terran Armed Forces were arguably the most thoroughly trained, best organized and best led soldiers of the whole war. Their devotion to duty, even in the face of defeat, was legendary - many Terran Units went down fighting rather than surrendering, following their infamous motto “Loyalty Until Death”. While it can be argued they were hyper-nationalist and perhaps a bit brainwashed by the Republic’s incessant propaganda, they were not lacking reason and were far more likely than the Vanu Sovereignty to surrender when placed in a “no-win” situation.

Terran Units were less of a mixed bag than New Conglomerate or Vanu Sovereignty forces, as all troops, even in the final desperate months, were thoroughly if quickly and a bit sloppily trained. They made their citizens into at least reasonably effective soldiers. However, it cannot be denied that the TR forces at the beginning of the war (the “1st Generation” soldiers) were the best; most of them were out of the fight by the end of the war. The “2nd Generation” Troops who were sent to reclaim Amerish were consistent in performance but, being draftees, not as effective. The 3rd Generation Troops first employed in the Grand United Offensive were the most numerous but more hastily trained and mostly consisted of reserve and service troops from the previous two Generations who had not seen combat yet.

If anything, the downfall of the Terran Forces was caused more by loss of combat veterans and being out-teched than anything else. High Command’s gung-ho attitude and unit pride often caused veteran divisions to be hurled into daring attacks, the thick of massive battles or left as rearguards against massive enemy firepower. The loss of these 1st Gen soldiers, who provided much of the hitting power of the TR forces, rendered the overall army less effective. The fact that VS and to a lesser extent NC weapons technology was more advanced did not help matters - even veteran armoured divisions had difficulty with the side-strafing Magriders and nigh-invincible Vanguard tanks; and TR infantrymen never did entirely adapt to NC guerilla tactics or VS Infiltrators, and were hampered as a result.

Division Types

Armoured Divisions consisted of about 150-200 Prowler Medium tanks backed up by Sunderer-transported Mechanized Infantry. NS Lightnings were more common early in the war, often fighting in equal numbers with Prowlers, but gradually became relegated to scouting and raiding duties as their ineffectiveness against Magriders became apparent.

Infantry Divisions were composed of 10000 personnel, mostly Heavy Infantry with supporting combat medical troops, combat engineers, and scouting units made up of scout-snipers and light infantry. They later incorporated MAX units.

Light Infantry Divisions were like a grande version of regular Infantry scout companies. Composed mostly of jetpack-sporting light infantry, they were used in difficult terrain as mountain, jungle or arctic troops. They did not use MAXs.

Marine Divisions were Navy infantry units designed for planetary assault. They deployed planetside via space transports and were often used as shock troops to capture Warp Gates. They were better than average troops, though they often lost many men in their daring assaults.

Airborne Divisions were Airforce infantry who attacked via drop pods or direct landing via aircraft. Elite troops, they were famous for their many successful attacks and dogged defences, though their risky operations often put them in situations where they could be annihilated, such as at the 2nd Battle of the Crown or the 2nd Amerish Campaign.

Air Divisions were the block units of the airforce. The fast Mosquito fighter was their mainstay and held its own against enemy air forces throughout the war; even in the climactic battle, NC Reavers still had difficulty shooting down the pesky and dogged Terran Pilots, who were eventually defeated not in the air, but because their airfields were overrun by ground forces.

Special Forces were widely used in the Terran Military. Each branch had their own special force. The Army Special Forces Brigade was highly trained in the art of infiltration, recon and sabotage; they fought on all fronts. The Special Operations Airborne Regiment, the Air Force special ops unit, was used for lightning fast surprise attacks on enemy facilities, often dropping behind enemy lines to cause havoc and disrupt defences. It also fought on all fronts. The Navy’s Special Forces Unit, The Special Spaceborne Detachment or “Void Force”, was considered the best fighting unit in the Terran Republic. The size of a single infantry company, with superbly trained and difficult to replace personnel, it was deployed only 3 times in the entire war. All Special Forces eventually adopted cloaking technology for their soldiers, reverse engineered from captured VS Invisibility suits.

Republican Guard Divisions were the elite ground forces of the Terran Republic. Trained almost to special forces standards, these troops were lethal in all combat situations and acquitted themselves well in combat. Structured and supplied like Armoured Divisions, they were initially kept on Indar to defend the Capitol but forced into combat once the Vanu Sovereignty invaded the continent. They were famous for never surrendering, and fought to the death at the end of the war. Only three Republican Guard divisions ever existed.

Complete Terran Republic Order of Battle:

Air Force:
1st Air Division
2nd Air Division
3rd Air Division

(those three were known mockingly to the VS as “Icarus force”)

4th Air Division
5th Air Division “Raptor”
6th Air Division
7th Air Division (“The Hornets” as nicknamed by the NC)
8th Air Division
9th Air Division
10th Air Division
11th Air Division
12th Air Division
13th Air Division
14th Air Division
15th Air Division

1st Airborne Division “Valkyrie”
2nd Airborne Division “Pegasus”
3rd Airborne Division “Nidhogg”
4th Airborne Division
5th Airborne Division
6th Airborne Division
Special Operations Airborne Regiment (SOAR) “The Vampires”

20 Combat spaceships
30 transport spaceships

1st Marine Division “Cosmos” (named for the first landing mission on Auraxis)
2nd Marine Division “Apollo” (named for Earth’s moon landing missions)
3rd Marine Division “Nova” (named for Mars landing missions)
4th Marine Division “Pioneer”(after the Solar System probe missions of the same name)
5th Marine Division “Voyager”(after the Solar System probe missions of the same name)
6th Marine Division “Odyssey”(after the first probe to reach Proxima Centauri)
Special Spaceborne Detachment “Void Force”


1st Armoured Division “The Sentinels”
2nd Armoured Division “Goliath”
3rd Armoured Division
4th Armoured Division
5th Armoured DIvision
6th Armoured Division (known mockingly to the NC as the “Tin Can” division)
7th Armoured Division
8th Armoured Division “Bastion”
9th Armoured Division
10th Armoured Division
11th Armoured Division
12th Armoured Division

1st Infantry Division
2nd Infantry Division
3rd Infantry Division
4th Infantry Division
5th Infantry Division
6th Infantry Division
7th Infantry Division
8th Infantry Division
9th Infantry Division
10th Infantry Division
11th Infantry Division
12th Infantry Division
13th Light Infantry Division
14th Light Infantry Division
15th Light Infantry Division
16th Light Infantry Division
17th Light Infantry Division
18th Light Infantry Division
19th Infantry Division
20th Infantry Division
21st Infantry Division
22nd Infantry Division
23rd Infantry Division
24th Infantry Division

Special Forces Brigade “Cobra”

Republican Guard:

1st Guards Division “Terra”
2nd Guards Division “Sol”
3rd Guards Division “Auraxis”

"Happiness and moral duty are inseparably connected."
- George Washington (ps. He's on my side )
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Re: The First Auraxian War: A History

Second auraxian war, you mean.

Retired NC CR5, Cerberus Company.
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