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Old 2015-03-12, 01:55 AM   [Ignore Me] #1
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Vanu Labs dead?

Hey, not sure if this have been asked before. but does anyone know what happened to Vanu Labs? They used to upload videos of upcoming new features or just some videos of them messing around. Does it have anything to do with SOE becoming DBG?

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Old 2015-03-12, 07:17 AM   [Ignore Me] #2
Re: Vanu Labs dead?

He apparently just decided to stop, he also made all his scripts and the like accessible.

There's a thread on reddit somewhere.
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Old 2015-03-26, 11:54 PM   [Ignore Me] #3
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Re: Vanu Labs dead?

Vanulabs, Shaql, Reachcast, Mattiace, Zoranthebear, Recursion, etc..., the list goes on. These are hardcore players, content creators. And they will still insist there's a core gameplay intact, aside from Farmside.

Logic. If these hardcore PC players are quitting, do they actually believe that these new casual, console players will assent to their farm 'meta'? They are conflating easy and repetitive PvE grinding/ farming that casuals can tolerate in MMOs vs. PvP 'directives' farming that take a whole lot more concentration and effort.

That's why are a ton of fully automated bots in MMO PvE. Also, lest they forget, or don't know, DCUO, which has been more popular on console than PC is overwhelmingly PvE. PvPers have pretty much left the game due to the lack of attention in that area. So, how can they compare this to PS2 which is 100% PvP?

Instead of understanding the general RvR PvP Mmo gameplay,
Instead of playing their own live game,
Instead of listening to the players who actually do,

PS2 decision makers are playing/cribbing from FPS lobby shooters that have nothing to do with MMOFPS whatsoever. What does a 5v5, 6v6, smallscale, small map, timered, lobby shooter has anothing to do with MMOFPS, that is realtime, persistent, has contiguously linked bases of varying sizes?

Then, they will add these new 'features' from these FPS as part of PS2. After which, they are still scratching their heads why players continue to depart.

Cancel those senseless Blacks Ops/Prestige system in the Wishlist. Instead, focus on the resource system, the value of bases, and redeployside. That's because all these new Ps4 console players aren't going to stay long enough for the gear farming.

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