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Old 2003-06-19, 03:03 AM   [Ignore Me] #61
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Just for the record tonight on Emerald Serpus (or someone named serpus) was in the Sanc talking about how he got banned from the OF.

I don't really care what people do in the general chat, posting your lunch was kinda fun amongst the 2000 nerf posts.

As for you pietro, I know that the big evil corporate entity that is SOE is trying to get you, adn that this entire situation is horridly unfair, but the absolute LAST thing you do is get more forum spam going about FREE PIETRO!

Deal with it like the adult you claim to be, call a CSR, Write an E-mail, but if you Honestly think that a forum petition is going to change your state then you are sadly mistaken.

I can say you shot your mouth off somehow to earn that ban... now live with the consequence, as unfair as they may be.

The only real test of Courage is the last!
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Old 2003-06-19, 03:59 AM   [Ignore Me] #63

For those of you wondering...
1. To ensure every user's rights are respected, Sony Online Entertainment will not tolerate the following:
1.1 Harassment of another member, including threats, unwanted contacts via chat or message boards.

1.2 Participation in abusive, defamatory, threatening, or offensive language or behavior.

1.3 Participation in bigoted, hateful, or racially offensive statements.

1.4 Participation in antisocial, disruptive, or destructive acts. This includes but is not limited to, "flaming", "spamming", and "trolling". "Flaming" is defined as: Making insulting criticisms or remarks to incite anger. "Spamming" is defined as: Sending numerous and or unwanted and disruptive amounts of messages. "Trolling" is defined as: Stirring up trouble to incite disruption. An example of trolling would be posting to a thread without the intent to provide positive suggestions or comments and instead making negative and or disruptive comments.


>>An example of trolling would be posting to a thread without the intent to provide positive suggestions or comments and instead making negative and or disruptive comments.<<

Is this not the single thing that Serpus does most? I also quoted Kennyth, a pro-Serpus person, as stating that he enjoys watching Serpus bash ralphdipietro on a daily basis. Is that not enough? Use the search button yourself, the proof is there. But I suppose he's just going to get away with it. Whatever. I'm sure Serpus won't be bothering people in the future because he won't want to actually look like he did it before.
From Zhyzak on the General Chat at

There is the hard proof LNS0388

This is all rediculious

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Old 2003-06-19, 04:03 AM   [Ignore Me] #64

I know, I was wrong
but wrong enough to not only get banned from the forums, but from THE GAME?

and all because I said something about someone I felt deserveing of the comments, and someone disagreed with me.

If they just made it so I couldnt post what they dont like, then fine.

Why can I now not have the option of playing because I had a legit grief that HUNDREDS of other players have with someone?

I was vocal about it on a forum in approx. 3 threads.
all of which were locked or deleted before they hit hardly 10 post.
I was warned one time...I stopped shortly there after,
I was even told it was all good,
then 45 minutes later I CANT EVEN LOG IN TO PLAY THE DANG GAME.

No matter how you look at it,
what I said, was HARDLY deserving of NOT BEING ABLE TO PLAY A GAME I PAID FOR.....
especially when considering I wasnt talking about the virgin mary
it was a kid, who is probably guilty of 98% of what I said...

theres just no reason why I cant be playing this game during my free months trial WHEN I PAID $50 for this game like everyone else

I was FLAMED worst than what you read there that I posted, IN THE VERY THREAD that post was written in.
People were getting rude, and vulgar,
yet somehow the developer chose to point me out and say "Stop harrassing serpus"
as people were sitting there saying comments like "poor baby has sand in his v*gina" and other insulting, "HARASSING" vulgar comments like that...

the point is not only that there is some serious special treatment here,
but I got ROBBED big time in this situation...
while others get away scott free having commited worst crimes RIGHT in front of my obviously less vulgar and insulting violations.
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Old 2003-06-19, 04:03 AM   [Ignore Me] #65

I agree bann'em from the forums. Both for all i care. But the game? That is retarded on Sporks part. Makes little to no sense.
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Old 2003-06-19, 04:04 AM   [Ignore Me] #66

so serpus is banned, BUT can STILL PLAY?


Oh my ****** GOD....
I am calling sony tommorow morning
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Old 2003-06-19, 04:05 AM   [Ignore Me] #67

I'm pretty sure he's probably using his 7-day key. I doubt he had/has any friends to give it to.
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Old 2003-06-19, 04:06 AM   [Ignore Me] #68

Skyline, seriously, GO BACK OVER to the forums and make a thread for me PLEASE

"Why was ralphdipietro banned FROM BOTH THE FORUMS AND THE GAME, while serpus was just banned from the forums?"

Please man, I cant get an answer from sony at all, they think I wanna sue em

maybe its a mistake on thier part


Man, and I actually play the game unlike serupus
this is bogus

man, you gotta help me,

this is crazy.
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Old 2003-06-19, 04:07 AM   [Ignore Me] #69

Your thread is already linked on there and i bumped it.... i'll bump it again before i go to sleep.
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Old 2003-06-19, 04:07 AM   [Ignore Me] #70

Don't blame me ralph, I'm not the one who threatened sony with 'strong legal rammifications' and 'court actions.' I just asked people what they had for lunch today.

Nice going.
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Old 2003-06-19, 04:10 AM   [Ignore Me] #71

listen serpus, one question,
can you play now, or not?
if you say yes, sony is getting a nice little phone call tommorow

banning me from the fourms, maybe
the game, possibly
but giving you some half ban and ME A FULL BAN?

thats totally unfair and WILL be dealt with ASAP

please, answer yes, gimme a reason to call.

are you playing on your account?
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Old 2003-06-19, 04:11 AM   [Ignore Me] #72

Apologize and I'll answer
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Old 2003-06-19, 04:16 AM   [Ignore Me] #73

and serp, I never said anything like that
its OBVIOUS now that you DO know one of the people who has the ability to ban people,

I will speak with them tommorow about this

as for what I said to them, tis between me and them
I mentioned my RIGHT as a consumer to mention this to the BBB,
that is not a legal ramification,
them refusing to deal with me because of mentioning the BBB could look REALLY bad if I were to go to the BBB

The BBB is there for consumers, it is OUR right to file complaints with them
it IN ITSELF is not a legal course of action,
for them to refuse to acknowledge me on that basis would be a falsification.

The BBB would be none to pleased if a complaint were filed with such facts at hand.

If you mention the BBB at a restaraunt your at, the restaraunt owner cannot refuse to serve you (Without expecting legal recourse)....
plus, the BBB allows you to report incidents annonymously
how is reporting them, and this incident to the BBB a legal action if its done annonymously?

and as for them doing ANYTHING to me for possibly even considering that,
if Im not mistaken, its a violation of my rights as a consumer within the borders of the united states,

I could be wrong though
maybe the big bad sony is already prepared with a 50 page report as to why they must not handle me if I mention the BBB.

the BBB is there for consumers who get the shaft.
I got the shaft,
First, as the BBB reccomends, I am trying to handle it through the actual perptrator,
Then, if the issue cant be resolved, filing a complaint is more than reasonable.

look at what it did to other MMogs
(The BBB themselves bring the suit, not the individuals who file the complaints, hence the complaint themselves are not a legal recourse but may result in one)
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Old 2003-06-19, 04:18 AM   [Ignore Me] #74


Now answer, please
and dont lie
I dont want to look like a fool
if I call em and get into this whole speel about how your playing and im not, and then they go "You have both been banned from BOTH playing and posting"
and I go duh.

I need to know this,
if they are treating me unfairly I have the right to know

Sorry, now, tell me honestly please.
am I calling them tommorow morning? (Are you still allowed to play?)
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Old 2003-06-19, 04:19 AM   [Ignore Me] #75

Ok then, if that's how its gotta be. It's a shame your internet life is so miserable.

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