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Old 2003-04-01, 04:00 PM   [Ignore Me] #16
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Originally posted by Hamma
As long as I get to shoot geraldo
Geraldo is immortal, hamma. I thought you knew that

There's a place that I travel
When I want to roam
And nobody knows it but me

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Old 2003-04-01, 04:02 PM   [Ignore Me] #17
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As horrible as that sounds. I fear it may be true.

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Old 2003-04-01, 04:04 PM   [Ignore Me] #18
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Sound clip preview idea sounds cool to me... "Hear gun in action" "hear the engine"

Might be tough to accomplish though.. I guess it depends on how their files are stored on the hard drive..
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Old 2003-04-01, 04:30 PM   [Ignore Me] #19
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Originally posted by d3ath4u
What im wondering is, what kind of sound support will there be? Dolby 5.1?, 6.1?, 7.1? Cause I just bought a 6 channel Logitech speaker system and a 6 channel maddog sound card..yes I know, I should of went with sound blaster, but come on! 150.00 speakers, and a 80.00 sound card bundle for 80 bucks! I couldnt resist.
We don't know yet, though from this preview:
"There are also at least 8 sound settings, and there may be more later. 3 EAX versions, DirectSound, and Dolby Surround are included in there among others."

...it sounds like there are alot of options. I'd guess there will be support for 7.1 and under.
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Old 2003-04-01, 05:17 PM   [Ignore Me] #20
First Sergeant

ah crap! 7.1?!? that means....ah, i'd have to buy a new sound card and more speakers... . Well, forget that..for a while atleast. Oh well, 5.1 beats mono.
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Old 2003-04-01, 05:19 PM   [Ignore Me] #21

Thought the info is inticing.... i too would like to see a sound section added as well. But not quite a "sound section" more as an ..option.. under the pics and info of the guns and or vehicals. Just to get a feal for the game.... because I dont want to be flying on assumptions, thinking that something is going to be quiet... when in fact its so loud there would be no doubt an enemy would hear you. a few more cents...
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Old 2003-04-01, 07:51 PM   [Ignore Me] #22
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Sound is really important hehe. Anyone play the demo for that new game Devestation? Yaaaaa...... I'll pass on picking up that one.
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Old 2003-04-01, 07:56 PM   [Ignore Me] #23
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can you hear bullets Whizzing by your head when they do, like in MOHAA? mohaa has the best sound effects in a video game that i've ever heard, and also, does your screen like shake when a grenade blows next to you? and if it's close does your hearing go out for a little bit like in saving private ryan? Soldat is the only game i've ever played where you're hearing goes out from a grenade, soldat=good game even though it looks like arse
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