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Old 2003-04-20, 11:05 PM   [Ignore Me] #16
First Sergeant

It wouldn't be necesary to post scornful disdain to the I-Don't-Have-My-Discs-Yet Diaper Brigade if every third thread in the forum wasn't someone else announcing their membership.

Have you considered that maybe the devs haven't responded because:
A) They are busy with other stuff.
B) They don't know

I think B is the most likely. The people who work on the game likely have ZERO contact with the people in charge of distributing discs. Pressing, sorting, shipping all take place ELSEWHERE. The devs have no ability to affect this. Different department, different people. Probably a different state. You didn't think the discs would be shipped directly from San Diego, did you? When Kunark came out for Everquest, the return address on my copy said Kansas.

Irrespective of who/what/when/where/why/how you are getting "ripped off" during the process of Sony spending money on you, what the hell good does it do to come here and bitch about it? If you simply must, go to the official forums, where there is a rock-solid .00000032% chance of a Dev responding. It wouldn't be so bad if there was ONE thread that people who didn't want to hear the incessant whining could skip, but the DOZENS of threads, with all sorts of titles make it impossible to not read this crap.

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Old 2003-04-20, 11:27 PM   [Ignore Me] #17
First Sergeant
FraBaktos's Avatar

Oh my god you are so right with that analogy. I have thrown my feces at everyone whos entered the room since they lied about us getting our CDs.
"If you can't beat 'em, arrange to have 'em beaten."
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Closed Thread
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