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View Poll Results: Your favorite heavy assualt is the -
Chaingun 16 40.00%
Lasher 8 20.00%
Jackhammer 16 40.00%
Voters: 40. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 2003-05-05, 09:08 PM   [Ignore Me] #16
Lieutenant Colonel
MrVulcan's Avatar

The Jackhammer is great for indoor fights, and youll be hard pressed to pry one from my cold dead fingers
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Old 2003-05-05, 09:53 PM   [Ignore Me] #17

They all are really good at one scenario.

The Jackhammer is good for assaulting indoors, especially if 2 or more people work together with them. However, its range sucks, and each projectile does significant damage, so if you use it in a crowded outdoor battle, you are gonna tk someone eventually.

The Lasher is good for defending indoors. You can saturate a large area with fancy glowing balls which is almost reason enough to use it, but any enemy coming into your line of fire is automatically taking at least the secondary damage. Projectiles are way too slow to be useful where your enemy has room to manuver.

The Mini-chaingun is the best for attacking or defending outdoors. Chaingun has the highest rate of fire and is the most accurate of all three. However, each projectile does little damage on its own, and it becomes increasingly inaccurate after the 4th consecutive round fired.

From my personal experience at point blank range, with both wearing reinforced and at full health, the Jackhammer kills the Lasher user, the Lasher kills the Mini-gunner.
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Old 2003-05-05, 11:19 PM   [Ignore Me] #18
First Sergeant
TheGreatCarbini's Avatar

Although I am NC and love my jackhammer, I will always take the lasher if i kill someone who had one. even in close quarters you will win. If you can hit someone dead on with those orbs... ouch.
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