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[TR] NRAGE Gaming [Ceres EU] looking for fresh canon fodder!

NRAGE Gaming is currently looking for squad oriented, active and mature players who play on a regular basis, or call themself “weekendwarriors”.

We’re a EU based outfit on the Ceres server, founded by a group of friends who’ve played and still play many different games, like EVE Online, BF3, League of Legends, and now Planetside 2. Altough we’re new to the Planetside 2 scene, many of us have a long background in MMO’s and FPS games.

Our goal.
We aim to establish a well organized, respectable and mature outfit which is rapidly deployable on any continent to conquer anything that stands before us and skillfully eliminate targets.

Our motto is “Fun comes first”. We’re not really a competitive outfit, we play for fun and winning, with a clear but simple structure: Outfit Leader > Squad Leader > Member. There is no “i” in team, we work seamlessly together as a coordinated squad to accomplish our goals.

As for communication, we’re using Raidcall (ID 5422135) We expect our members to have a working mic and have Raidcall installed. Without communication, no teamplay!

Bring the Fun!
Besides all this, we like to have truckloads of fun, love a joke and drink beer, but we can be serious too, at the end of the day we want to be the winning team. We’re looking for 18+ people with a good sense of humor, who are fine with a small Group of people, and don’t want to be another number in the crowd, but a brother in arms. Anyone can join, whether you’re a new or a veteran player.

Our outfit is “no-commitment”. You come and go as you please, and no one will hold you for having a life. We’re not asking you to be online each day of the week. We understand that people have jobs and other obligations, well, most of us do. We do ask you to be online on a regular basis. Most of us play in the evening throughout the week or in the weekends (GMT +1).

Let’s hook up.
If you have any questions, don’t be afraid to drop by on our website/forum and leave a message. If you’re interested in joining our outfit, please follow the following steps

1. Go to www.nrage-gaming.com and sign up for an account.

2. Fill in the Planetside 2 application form.

3. Leave a notification message on our recruitment forum.

If you applied, we'll review your application and contact you ASAP. We'll either contact you on our forums or ingame.

For ingame recruitment, whisper Erius or Amarutu

Check out our facebook page!
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Re: [TR] NRAGE Gaming [Ceres EU] looking for fresh canon fodder!

Friendly bump
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Re: [TR] NRAGE Gaming [Ceres EU] looking for fresh canon fodder!

Good afternoon!

still looking for players. Join NRAGE Gaming today
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