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Old 2013-04-16, 05:53 AM   [Ignore Me] #1
Restricted Area

Hey Rookie--

Whoa! Man, you're jumpier than a scooter on combat stims. No, you're not in trouble. I just wanted to have us a chat, real friendly-like, you know? Give you some advice, that kind of thing.

See, I hear you been asking questions. Now I can't fault that, it's healthy to want to know how this damn war works, but, see, the suits don't like it. They don't so much not like you asking, but they sure as hell don't like answering 'em. Especially that one.

Mind you, it's a good question. You know, I used to ask that too, when I wasn't much less green than you. What's the deal with pain fields? Why's mama NC try to kill you the moment you stand next to a red or purple spawn tube, or try and fly too far, or too low? Stuff like that. I found out in the end but-- nevermind. I'll save you the trouble and tell you.

See, one of the lower suits took me aside -- much like I took you aside right now, matter of fact -- and told me all about it. Yeah, trying to kill our own guys is bad form, but it beats losing you for good. That was the problem, you see. If you hung around the bad tubes, or got too far from ours, there was a chance - a small chance, but a chance -- that the other guys would intercept the... signal or whatever it is that the guys running the tubes use to staple you back together after you get ran over or blown up or whatever. And then, it's curtains for you. They got you and they can put you down. For good like. I hear the Barneys came up with that one. Sure sounds like something they'd cook up, don't it?

Anyways... that's the official story. It's mostly true, I suppose. I stopped asking, but I thought there was something fishy, so I dug around a bit. Wasn't a while until I figured it out.

The bit about the signal being intercepted? That's bunk. Unless they take you alive and stop you from putting a bullet in your own brain, there's nothing I know of that can stop the techs from pulling your ass out and back together. At least... not if you don't want them to.

Look, you didn't hear this from me, you dig? But this war, well, it ain't normal. Nobody dies. We smash a hundred Elmos, they're already waiting at the next base we liberate the hell out of. Offing somebody for good, that just don't happen--

Oh, you heard about him too? What was that, last week? Let you in on a secret... they lied. He didn't die. He jumped ship. Now he's with the fascists. I know, because I shot him in the face yesterday, back at Peris. That's why they kill you if you try and get close. You jump ship, that's one less for us, one more for them. Crazy war, huh? And it ain't just us, I hear the TR's brass and the Vanu's... holy... rock or something, I dunno, they do the same thing. Afraid somebody'll switch sides. Join us.

Hey Rookie... look, I know you ain't half dumb. Stick with me, we'll get places. Now chin up, finish your rations, and don't forget, you didn't hear it from me, capice?
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Old 2013-04-16, 03:34 PM   [Ignore Me] #2
First Sergeant
Re: Restricted Area

Hey von Boomslang,
I remember seeing this one on reddit recently. Nice! I love the idea of the pain fields being reversed like that. And the writing voice in this piece is really well done I think.

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