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Old 2013-03-04, 10:11 PM   [Ignore Me] #1
First Sergeant
Hyncharas's Avatar
Flash Racing for Cert Points...

I'm sure there are plenty of people not great at killing people with their weapons (or vehicles, for that matter), so what we could do is have a continent or event where players and outfits can race each other for awards of Cert Points (CPs).

In the case of outfits, the most who make it to the finish line before another outfit determines who earns the highest award. Anybody who also participates, but does not qualify in a leaderboard, could earn 50 CPs.
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Old 2013-03-05, 11:32 AM   [Ignore Me] #2
First Sergeant
Re: Flash Racing for Cert Points...

Not liking it. This is a game devoted to combat, not racing. If you want racing you picked the wrong game by a mile.
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Old 2013-03-05, 02:24 PM   [Ignore Me] #3
Rothnang's Avatar
Re: Flash Racing for Cert Points...

Yea, I'm not seeing this either. A game's systems and reward scheme should never just blatantly break the fourth wall. We all know that what we do in a game doesn't really matter, what makes it fun is if the game convinces us that it does. In the same way that a movie has to make us feel for fictional characters, a game has to impart meaning to a fictional existence.
That's why I don't feel like the game should include elements that say "Go ahead, goof off, the war doesn't matter".

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Old 2013-03-05, 02:35 PM   [Ignore Me] #4
Sergeant Major
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Sorry but I have to agree with the two posts above me... This game is really not a racing game.

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Old 2013-03-05, 07:06 PM   [Ignore Me] #5
Lieutenant General
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Re: Flash Racing for Cert Points...

I like Death Race, but it doesn't really fit PlanetSide.
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Old 2013-03-06, 07:42 AM   [Ignore Me] #6
Re: Flash Racing for Cert Points...

Ever hunted a Flash? Gives XP, is like racing. Works even better with Lightnings. No need to make a "racing-mode". Have to agree.
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Old 2013-03-06, 06:12 PM   [Ignore Me] #7
Sergeant Major
Re: Flash Racing for Cert Points...

I wouldnt see anything wrong with taking a hint from regualr MMOs and making daily and weekly events in the VR room that reward you with certs. Dailies would be just obsticle courses, 1 for each vehicle maybe 1 for light assaults and a diferent one every day. You can only atempt a "ranked" run once on the day the particular event is open. tHen you would get XP based on time. A Weekly or even mothly event would simply be a Flash race (held on each individual server's prime time) with a finite number of slots to which you sign up before the actual race. To make it fair there would be a few races one after the other and you would only be allowed to sign up once. fater the set of open races, the winers of those would race and after that the winers of that last race from every faction would race for the ultimate prize.

The courses for idividuals woudl be instanced for people idividual;y while the track for the wekly/monthly race would be sealed of for all but the participators so that peopel can stil spectate.
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Old 2013-03-06, 08:34 PM   [Ignore Me] #8
camycamera's Avatar
Re: Flash Racing for Cert Points...

wont happen. you are supposed to shoot people in this game.
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Old 2013-03-22, 02:10 PM   [Ignore Me] #9
First Sergeant
Hyncharas's Avatar
Re: Flash Racing for Cert Points...

Under the gameplay parameters of the race, you CAN shoot and kill other players as it's a demolition derby; it's just you would earn CPs from it if you were high on the leaderboard. At checkpoints passangers of ATVs would also have their weapon's ammunition re-stocked.

Formula 1 is more than 50 years old - are you seriously telling me an institution like that wouldn't still be happening on Earth in the PS2-universe, because I think it would.

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Old 2013-03-22, 05:27 PM   [Ignore Me] #10
Carbon Copied
First Sergeant
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Re: Flash Racing for Cert Points...

Not sure anyone is doubting what they would have in the future but this is 3 factions at civil war not Wacky Races or Mario Kart?
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Old 2013-03-22, 07:07 PM   [Ignore Me] #11
Silent Thunder
Staff Sergeant
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Re: Flash Racing for Cert Points...

Not only that, but the flash is military hardware. I'm sure a military orginization would have better things to do with their resources than organize official races. Like war. Pretty sure War is what the higher ups are concerend about.
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Old 2013-03-26, 08:51 PM   [Ignore Me] #12
Gonefshn's Avatar
Re: Flash Racing for Cert Points...

What you are basically saying is, "people who aren't good at the game can play a different game."

Why wouldn't you just go play a different game?

Anything that gives incentive to leave the battle is a horrible idea.

"Hey guys? We are horribly out popped where is everybody!? Oh yea they are all racing on Derbyside.... :/"
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