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Old 2013-06-15, 03:10 PM   [Ignore Me] #76
Re: New Patch Notes - Test Sever 13-06-13

Originally Posted by Whiteagle View Post
You mean the towers with four huge Vehicle Doors and one man-door on the remaining side that's got an entire wall covering it from only OTHER routes down?

Have you ever actually DEFENDED a tower before?
The fucking ground level is a damn nightmare if you don't have Zerglings constantly streaming out of it in Armor, because of how open it actually IS!
Hell, the fight ends up automatically LOST if they get a single Infiltrator in there to hack the Terminals because that cuts off the Zerglings Tanks and allows the Attacker to Spawn or roll a AMSunderer right into the Garage...

...Clearly you haven't, or else you'd know that those third floor exits are usually the ones GETTING camped since their placement requires one to expose themselves to a hallway filled with crossfire just to get a shot off.

Hell, the only other shields I can see being exploited like that is the Balcony Exit, because you can actually SEE a bit of ground from there, and the Top for Burster MAXes...
If you would get out of the tower and meet the enemy in the surrounding buildings and fields then they shouldn't be able to get to the main tower. You can't defend ANYTHING without first starting to defend it BEFORE an attack happens. If you wait till after the attack happens then you are not defending the base, you are counter attacking to make back lost ground.

Once you let the enemy inside the tower it is time to call for help because you failed to defend. By then it is only a matter of time for the attackers to force up the stairs and get the tower or just sit back and wait the defenders out from having 2/3 of the points if able. Either ask another group to pull armor from a base back in the lines and pick off the enemy vehicles and spawn points or have the backup attack the enemies base to prevent them from getting a cap on your tower.

You do know that if you can turn a point then no one can turn another point linked only to that base? Say there are bases a, b, c. If you have base A and its point is turned then you can not turn base Bs point until you get back base As point. Use that to stop an attack cold. Then once the enemy splits to backcap use that time to push. But to do this you need to defend the ENTIRE base and not just the tower.

Iv attacked, defended, and counter attacked plenty of bases/outpost in my 300+ hours. You have to know when to defend and know what it means to to defend before shit hits the fan. Wait till after and you failed to defend before even starting.
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Old 2013-06-15, 03:56 PM   [Ignore Me] #77
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Re: New Patch Notes - Test Sever 13-06-13

Originally Posted by Dragonskin View Post
Guess I will just condense my thoughts on this revive change in 1 post.

It was a worthless stat to begin with because it doesn't encourage good game play habits in a game that revolves around team work and taking objectives.

Unless they make the change retro-active or adjust KDR across the board then new players will have higher KDR stats than people that started at launch. If KDR was something you care about then it wouldn't help people that started at launch... it would over time, but not immediately. People that play with outfits or squads will have better KDRs over time than people that solo because they will be more readily able to get a medic revive. Which in turn makes the death stat pointless for people that actually care about it.

The new change could encourage other bad habits as well. Like allowing people to exploit it for stat padding. People waiting around for revives because they don't want the hit to their death stats instead of reviving in a safe location and re-joining the action. There will be a lot more bodies on the ground just waiting for medics to stroll by. Which in turn will reduce the amount of people in the push because they will be dead waiting for a medic... which isn't exactly what I would think SOE would be going for.

If they changed it so you had a revive timer so that if you stayed dead too long you would be forced to respawn at a spawn point. Then they are basically putting another bandage on the system that is broken while not really fixing the issue.

If they removed death tracking completely people would revive from medics in risky situations more often because they wouldn't have this number telling them they are doing poorly. People would tend to push the objective more because dying wouldn't impact their stats. Less people would be encouraged to hide in spawn rooms behind shields trying to kill enemies instead of pushing out to fight the enemy. I see more WIN coming from removing the death tracking all together than removing it IF you get a medic revive.
I, too, want the death stat removed. It should not be tracked in a game where, by even the lore, you can just... respawn. You don't waste tickets or resources for your Empire if you die, unless you are in a MAX. Even then you can track something like "average lifespan" rather than MAX KDR.

don't track deaths, ruins game.
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Re: New Patch Notes - Test Sever 13-06-13

Originally Posted by Malorn View Post
The Map Tutorial is new, check it out. I know the button is in a not very discoverable place but that'll be fixed in another update. It's a lot more detailed than the previous map tutorial that popped up the first time you opened it. It was my attempt at explaining how the map is organized and how to figure out what is going on when you look at it.

The tutorial changes were relatively minor in this update. Mostly they were adjustments based on usage data in an attempt to make it a bit easier to get through for more players.

The change where vehicles, jump pads, and generators is added is still coming. I got most of it done but still needs art polish and for me to run through it a few hundred more times to iron out any kinks. I think I could probably run through the tutorial with the monitor turned off at this point
Suggestion? Give Certs for completing portions of the tutorial so new players might feel less like they're wasting their time in a tutorial instead of runnin' and gunnin'.

It'll also give them a reason to come back and finish off the tutorial in-case they get bored halfway and skip it.
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