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Old 2012-08-04, 03:45 PM   [Ignore Me] #1
Looking for an organized TR outfit


I'm looking to join a really good TR outfit. I would ideally like to be in an outfit that has Teamspeak 3 or ventrilo, and is structured. I'm not the best FPS player so I would be learning hopefully from this outfit. I like the idea of piloting and I can see myself as either an Engineer or a Heavy Assault trooper. I can also spec into medic.

I look forward to hearing from you all!

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Old 2012-08-04, 07:17 PM   [Ignore Me] #2
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Re: Looking for an organized TR outfit

BWC might be for you! We have TS3, Training Operations, a military based command structure and we consider ourselves "Really Good".

Black Widow Company, a proud member of the ULTRA Alliance, is looking for players for Planetside 2. Our primary focus is air assault heavy infantry and air-mobile rapid response.

Recruitment into BWC will require a small amount of commitment on the part of potential recruits:
1) Players must post a recruitment application on the BWC forums using the application template on the forums.
2) Players will be required to read and /sign the SOP (our charter), provided they wish to continue the recruitment process.
3) We require members to sign up on the BWC Operations Server and place their FruitSalad signature banner in their forum profile (BWC forums only).
4) Playing whilst on Teamspeak3 is required.
5) Each member is required to serve as a rifleman first - until PS2 comes along, Planetside members are required to obtain and maintain the Medium Assault certification.

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Old 2012-08-05, 01:20 AM   [Ignore Me] #3
Re: Looking for an organized TR outfit

Thanks I'll consider your offer.
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Old 2012-08-05, 03:22 AM   [Ignore Me] #4
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Re: Looking for an organized TR outfit

Hey Alminicus!

Don't know if you've found anybody yet, but do look into my outfit, Archangels. We have 30+ guys ready to blow the lid off PS2. We will be running organized operations in the game. We are laid back, but we also strive to win!

We will teach you everything you need to know about Planetside. Our outfit has been around for 9+ years now, playing Planetside as well as many other FPS games.

We'll definitely be looking for pilots. I'm gonna need a wingman when I'm flying my mossie!


Give us a look!

Join the Archangels, an 9+ year old original PS1 beta outfit. www.archangelsgaming.com
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Old 2012-08-05, 05:56 AM   [Ignore Me] #5
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Re: Looking for an organized TR outfit

Yeah, give Archangels a look. We've been rocking for almost 10 years.. There's a reason one of our slogans is AA for life.. and that's because when you join you never feel the need to go anywhere else.
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Old 2012-08-05, 10:28 AM   [Ignore Me] #6
Re: Looking for an organized TR outfit

Thank you! I'm considering all offers I appreciate you taking the time to check out my request for an outfit!
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Old 2012-08-05, 01:16 PM   [Ignore Me] #7
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Dragonwolves - Recruting Officer

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Old 2012-08-05, 10:37 PM   [Ignore Me] #8
Re: Looking for an organized TR outfit

Thank you for your offer! I'll be looking this up and I'll contact you when I reach a decision.
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Old 2012-08-06, 03:30 AM   [Ignore Me] #9
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Re: Looking for an organized TR outfit

Welcome to Sunder Military Gaming

The war to re secure our lands and people has been waged for hundreds of years, and while a new war is on the horizon our Terran Republic brothers and sisters still cannot call the world reunified. Sunder is a returning outfit in this war dedicated to the achievement of reunification. While some in this outfit may be new to the war, many of our soldiers are seasoned veterans of planetside, from all three empires. Many NC and Vanu have chosen to abandon their empire and join the fight for government forces of the Terran Republic.

This war means nothing less to us then our continued right to survival. We cannot tolerate or survive the existence of the NC’s terrorism of the Vanu freaks tampering that will destroy the human race as we know it. We fight for freedom, liberty, our lives, and the very existence of humanity. Freedom isn’t free, and Sunder will pay for that freedom with sweat and blood.

Enlist today to assist with reunification at www.sunderhq.com

What Sunder Military Gaming Offers

• A mature, calm & organized gaming group who utilize Militaristic structure & teamwork
• Honor, Loyalty, and Friendship to all members
• Respect to those in our outfit and those in the community
• Strong communication – we utilize the best available technology to provide our members with the means necessary to communicate in and out of game
• The leadership of Sunder is here to provide structured and organized gameplay with strategic PvP planning and gaming

Who is Sunder Military Gaming?

While Sunder may be a new outfit to Planetside, many of our members are experienced Planetside players. These members hail from some of the largest outfits in Planetside as NCO's and CO's in outfits such as Sturmgrenadier and Black Widow Company. Sunder has the command and combat experience needed to succeed in Planetside.

Sunder is more than a guild or a clan, we are a community. We value participation in the community above all else, and we provide many tools and assets to our members to give them that opportunity to participate.

If you are looking for more out of an organization than warm bodies to fill the empty spots in a roster, Sunder may be the place for you. Sunder is not for everyone, and not everyone is for Sunder, but we welcome your application and look forward to the opportunity to welcome you to our family!

Application: www.sunderhq.com/forums
Recruiting: Infantry, Air Crew and Vehicle Crew Members.

Requirements to Join

• Adults 18+
• Have microphone and able to use Teamspeak 3
• Have a passion for Planetside 2 and a willingness to work as a team

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Old 2012-08-06, 11:39 AM   [Ignore Me] #10
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Re: Looking for an organized TR outfit

I dunno if you have made your decision yet but If you want you can check out TRG we have been around since the begining and have been activly recruiting since PS2 Alpha. We are a World Wide Organization with members in Europe and Australia for 24 hour coverage. It makes the game more fun when people are on all day, at least I think so

If you would like to know more you can check out the links below. In any event hope you have a great time in the game.

Our PSU Recruitment Thread: http://www.planetside-universe.com/s...ad.php?t=39662

Our Steam Group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/trggaming
Our Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/TRGgaming
Our Facebook Group: http://www.facebook.com/groups/147323142012210/
Our Youtube Page: http://www.youtube.com/TRGlivestream
Our Twich Page: http://www.twitch.tv/trg_gaming
Our TRG PS1 (OLD) Promo on Youtube:

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Old 2012-08-13, 01:55 PM   [Ignore Me] #11
Re: Looking for an organized TR outfit

Thank you all for your replies! I have a set outfit in mind that I'll be contacting, however I appreciate all of your replies and look forward to fighting along side you!
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Old 2013-12-21, 11:02 PM   [Ignore Me] #12
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Re: Looking for an organized TR outfit

As the leader of Republic Marines, I invite you to try out our mid-sized outfit. About 200 members, very dedicated, and skilled. We have a battle rank requirement of 25, but that shouldn't discourage you. Our daughter outfit, RMTR is the place for the full RMAR experience without the commitment. If you are interested, join one of our public squads and experience it for yourself! Good luck in your search -Devastator, Waterson server
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