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Old 2012-06-25, 09:34 PM   [Ignore Me] #1
TR Combat Medic needs a home.

I am a 23 year old PS1 vet, my account is roughly seven years old in which time I have played off and on but always on TR. What I'm looking for is an established (or maybe even just starting ) Terran outfit that has need for a good Medic.

While I am willing to play other classes on my down time, I would prefer that during group ops I am allowed to play Medic unless it is a situation of extreme need. I fully plan on certing up my medic class to the best possible team benefit. Meaning buffing up my heal/revive (Both single target and AoE if possible) to it's most powerful state, even if that means sacrificing any fun quirky personal medic certs that come along.

I am okay with younger players, I was fairly young when I started myself, and am generally a laid back player. I enjoy sarcasm and love to laugh. I am not easily offended, and am able to take criticism so that I improve both my own and my outfits play. What I do not stand for however are people in my outfit making asses out of themselves in chat. I would like to join an outfit that does not trash talk (out of good taste) and does not ruin my own good name by sharing a tag.

I realize that is a bit much to ask for, but I hope to find a home for many years to come in PS2 so that I might make long lasting friendships and heal to my hearts content. My ultimate goal is to get the VS and NC saying "It's *outfit name here* take out LittleGuy first."
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Old 2012-06-25, 09:51 PM   [Ignore Me] #2
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Re: TR Combat Medic needs a home.

TRG has a history with planetside. We are always looking for players for ops. Check out our recruitment thread here.

You sound like a good match check us out. If we are right for you, fill out an app at
Looking for a well organized outfit? Click the TRG logo below.

Reborn - Terran Republic Light Assault

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Old 2012-06-25, 09:53 PM   [Ignore Me] #3
Re: TR Combat Medic needs a home.

We could always use another Combat Medic! Come check us out!
Black Widow Company

Terran Republic

Black Widow Company, a proud member of the ULTRA Alliance, is looking for players for Planetside 2. Our primary focus is Air Assault, Heavy Infantry, and Air-Mobile Rapid Response.

About Us

Our outfit is home to a large percentage of military veterans and active-duty servicemembers. Largely due to our members' background, we prefer to run as a military-style outfit. This translates into using small unit tactics and other various techniques, heavily adapted for Planetside. We have a highly-organized structure and a dedicated chain of command. Nightly, weekly, and Alliance operations are performed for any of the games we support. During planned/announced operations, we will typically use strict communication procedures on TeamSpeak (no bluttering idiots and mindless chatter). During 'off-duty' times and casual play, we're faily loose but do not tolerate transmission-abuse: running your mouth, screaming, spamming, etc.

Task Forces

If you are looking to be more than just someone with an outfit tag, we offer three Task Forces that serve as our special-focus teams. Task Force Ranger is our air assault and heavy infantry force. Task Force Commando is our air-mobile light infantry force. Task Force Dragon is our air cavalry/air support team. Joining a task force is NOT REQUIRED. You can be a regular casual player without doing anything more than the requirements for basic membership.

Training, Promotions, and Battle Decorations

We offer our members a wide range of training in which you are able to hone your combat skills, your flight skills, and learn successful tactics from the men that created 'em. Our promotions are based off a points system that negates and favoritism, is reviewed periodically, and adjusted to account for game OPTEMPO (Operating Tempo). Should you want to earn decorations and awards (and show them off on your FruitSalad), we have a Battle Decorations Program. Completion of basic expectations is all we require - everything is optional and for fun. *You can simply sign up and be a member if this does not interest you!*


The recruiting process for BWC requires potential recruits to put forth a small amount of commitment in the form of:
1) You must post a recruitment application on the BWC forums using the application template.
2) You are required to read and sign the SOP (our charter) to continue the recruitment process.
3) You are required to sign up on the BWC Operations Server and place their FruitSalad forum signature in their forum profile (BWC forums only).
4) You are required to be on TeamSpeak3 whilst playing.
5) Each member is a Rifleman first and foremost - until Planetside2 comes along, Planetside members are required to obtain and maintain the Medium Assault certification (only if you are currently a Planetside member).


If you're looking for a professional outfit that believes in teamwork, communication, tactics, loyalty and friendship, then look no further than Black Widow Company.

Sign up on our Forums and put in your application!
BlackWidowCompany - TerranRepublic
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Old 2012-07-02, 07:32 PM   [Ignore Me] #4
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Re: TR Combat Medic needs a home.

The TRAF - terran republic air force (EU) could really do with a good medic or two. I would be glad to have you join us.

Please have a look at our Outfit thread and our Facebook Group for further information.
TRAF Planetside 2 Forum Thread
Facebook Group
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Old 2013-12-21, 11:25 PM   [Ignore Me] #5
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Re: TR Combat Medic needs a home.

As the leader of Republic Marines, I invite you to try out our mid-sized outfit. About 200 members, very dedicated, and skilled. If you are interested, join one of our public squads and experience it for yourself! Good luck in your search -Devastator
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