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PS Code of Honor Pact

I made one of these last year when PS1 went F2P. Decided I'd type one up again.

In a little less than two weeks (from my time of writing this) PS1 will be going F2P. Regrettably, this may be one of the last times we'll ever play PS1 again. It is with that thought in mind that I would like these last few days to be as enjoyable as possible.

This is, obviously, a voluntary list of mostly general guidelines that I personally feel players could follow to make the game more enjoyable as a whole and cease in detracting players from the game. In no particular order of importance, refrain from the following:

1. Ceasing to let fights develop/ending fights too early
This has always been a problem with PS, even in it's zenith. There is a "I HAVE TO WIN" mentality that haunts this game. Players will often times go out of there way to end a fight as quickly as they possibly can (I.E. blowing the gen at a base as soon as they arrive). Some may argue that the defenders should do a better job and keeping the opposition away from the gen, but sometimes that isn't the case.

For the sake of longer lasting battles, please refrain from blowing the gen unless it is absolutely necessary. Personally, I don't feel it's ever necessary to blow the gen, but at the very least, let a fight develop over some time. There's no need to ruin everyone else's fun.

2. Use of lame weapons/vehicles

Perhaps one of the more controversial and subjective rules on the list. Although, I don't think it will be an issue seeing as the last time I checked, Core Combat wasn't working.

Essentially refrain from using Flails, and possibly excessive amounts of Plasma/Thumpers.

I think it's pretty much universally agreed upon that Flails are lame and don't add much enjoyment to the game. Plasma/Thumpers on the other hand, are a little more tricky. I think that it's fine to use them when the time calls for it, for suppressing an area and keeping the enemy held back from pushing up. Unfortunately, more often than not, people Thumper/Plasma spam when the advantage is hugely in their favor and only do it as a means to be an asshole.

Use your best judgement. When in doubt, don't spam.

3. General douchebag behavior

I think this is one of the more obvious ones.

We're all playing this game together, let's try not to be dicks to each other, shall we? Avoid necessary flaming, TK wars, TKing in general. I know it's hypocritical of myself to suggest such a rule since I had a reputation in game as being sort of a dick, but the time's have changed.

4. Abuse of exploits/bugs

This one can kind of fall under general douchebag behavior, but I decide to single this specific aspect out especially.

Last year, mysteriously as the game went F2P, a bug arose that caused the Wasp to do insane amounts of damage to armor and MAXs. At first, only a few people knew of it. Quickly, word got out and suddenly a large amount of people were all flying around, instagibbing players. As a result, this caused the already miniscule and dwindling population to only further fade away.

In essence, please do not abuse any bugs that are gaming ruining such as this. If it weren't very players abusing this bug, the population wouldn't have dwindled so quickly. There is a lot of debate of what an exploit is. A lot of people consider "warping" to be an exploit, but that's something that really can't be helped as a completely new player to game could start playing, strafe his keys at certain speed and begin to warp on people.

I consider abusing a bug or exploit something that you purposely go out of your way to do, so that you may obtain an advantage over another player. Abusing glitches, router bugs, etc. are all detrimental to the game and only serve to do irritate and detract players from the game. There were a lot of people who took advantage of the Wasp. Please, don't do be a dickhead.


I understand that some people will probably read this and do the exact opposite just in spite of it being suggested, and that's fine. But I would like to encourage as many people as possible to follow through with this list and just try and make the game as enjoyable and frustration free as we possibly can.

I typed this up somewhat tired late at night (it probably shows) so it's not the most thought out post I've ever made. If you have any suggestions (problems/confusion with some rules, ideas for additions to the list, etc.) feel free to post and I'll update the list.

Thanks, I'll see you in game.

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