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Old 2003-07-03, 05:13 AM   [Ignore Me] #1
Cool Maxim gives PS 5 stars!

Was reading Maxim Magazine(July 03) during my lunch break the other day, and under the Games column (Pg 86), Alex Porter wrote:

'Forget hiking up to the woods for a rain-drenched, cattle-scattering game of paintball. Just hook yourself into PlanetSide for a measly $12.95 per month fee and you can feast on round-the-clock galactic virtual warfare with hundreds of faceless gamers worldwide. Join the red, blue, or purple faction, each boasting special weapons and vehicles (and fashionable coordinated accessories, naturally). The goal's a bit complex: You and your teammates must comquer the planet by blowing up a bunch of shit. But leave the tactical stuff to the brainiacs--Just enjoy it as an impressive first-person shooter featuring grenade and rocket launchers, tanks, and airships. Load up on armor and assorted performance-enhancing implants(sorry, no length and girth upgrades available), and get out there soldier. You wanna live forever?--Alex Porter

The overall game rating PS received was a whopping 5 stars. This is actually great considering Maxim is known for being picky on their choice in game reviews.

Does this mean we can be considered cool now, Hamma?

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Old 2003-07-03, 08:25 AM   [Ignore Me] #2
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Cool and sexeh
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Old 2003-07-03, 08:38 AM   [Ignore Me] #3
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I'm always sexy
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hehe, Maxim owns

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Originally posted by Sputty
I'm always sexy
You must stop confusing yourself with me, Sputty.

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