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Old 2013-09-14, 12:28 PM   [Ignore Me] #61
Re: Community Clash FC vs TIW

(repost from reddit)

Honestly, we got our faces smashed in. With the exception of our Air team. FC has extremly talented players. TIW also has talented players. FC had much better teamwork, stradegy and tactics. I personally could not beat the majority of their players 1v1 with medic. I equipped heavy, and I felt it was an even match. FC players are really good but, they are not Traseros good. The main reason why TIW failed was because; TIW tactic's for: capping points, holding points and moving as a team is terrible compared to FC. We need to work on teamwork if we are to compete again.

Also thanks for the fight FC, I had fun despite the complete curb stomping. I learned alot and realized more. I hope when we learn to play as a team we will rematch you guys!

I am also proud of all TIW members who stayed for the whole fight, and did not log out like many outfits do when they are losing. We played to the end!

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Old 2013-09-14, 12:31 PM   [Ignore Me] #62
Re: Community Clash FC vs TIW

Originally Posted by NightmareMan View Post
I fell into a deep slumber the other night and had a dream that I would like share.

In the dream I was walking down a long dark hallway with a very dim light at the end and only darkness behind. The hall was lined with ominous doors of deep reds, dark blues, ominous yellows, and inky blacks. I continued forward knowing that Vanu's love would keep me strong as I had accepted his tentacled embrace long ago. As I continued on the doors slowly began to open and shadowy figures began to lash out and strike me.

I began to run for the light as the demons in the dark increased their onslaught. Eventually I was felled to my knees from a mighty blow and began to crawl as the monsters laughed in delight, kicking and stomping with glee. Nearly at the end of my strength I sent out a silent prayer to Vanu: "Lord, aid me in my time of need!" Then there was a bright light that pushed the creatures back in fear and voice above me whispered "Stand brother, stand..."

As I looked up I gazed upon a group of strong young men, muscular, glitter coated bodies sparkling in the bright light, clad only in speedos and cradling long powerful looking weapons in their hands I knew I had been saved. As I stood they handed me a weapon and said to me "Come brother, lets us cleanse the darkness from this place." We turned as one and opened fire upon those shadowy figures, dowsing them with our holy light. The holy weapons throbbed in our hands as thick luminous globs of sticky white love coated everything as the shadowy figures were covered in our orgy of vengeance! The scene before me eventually became so bright I had to close my eyes against it's grandeur.

When I finally opened my eyes I was in a fantastical land of unicorns and rainbows. I looked up and the sun was our Lord Vanu shining down upon us, too bright to fully gaze upon, his distinct tentacles writhing around him. All the shadowy figures had been transformed into Care Bears! We began to frolic and dance, enjoying this new boon granted to us, I dove into a lake filled with rainbows and when I came up I was back in my bed well rested and unafraid.

The message Vanu sent me that night was clear: believe in me and I will lead you back to that promised land. Our path is the future as we move forward as all other paths lead to death and stagnation. We will harm you, hurt you, and force you back into the holy respawning tubes so that Vanu can bless you again and again with the sacred nanites. Vanu is love and we are his holy acolytes. May you taste the rainbow forever.


-The Vanu Pope
Your posts are almost as good as your dancing
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Old 2013-09-15, 06:57 PM   [Ignore Me] #63
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Re: Community Clash FC vs TIW

Originally Posted by Mordelicius View Post

2) FC dominating TiW is not what I expected. Props to them, they are a much well oiled machine. It's like they have a hive mind.
Actually its probably because we dont operate on a hive mind, from what iv seen most planetside outfits are military sim outfits, filled with weak minded submissive men and an inability to have free thoughts or their ability for free thought is being suppressed by their overlord. On the other hand, FC is all sharks, fabulous sharks, with laser beams strapped to their heads.


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Old 2013-09-15, 07:41 PM   [Ignore Me] #64
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Re: Community Clash FC vs TIW

NUC Liberators really hate getting shot down by Vanguards.
Post at me bro.

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Old 2013-09-25, 04:46 PM   [Ignore Me] #65
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Re: Community Clash FC vs TIW

Originally Posted by toksfive View Post
Your posts are almost as good as your dancing
I should come to these forums more often! Twas a horrible Dj that night, but still....we danced!
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