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Old 2012-10-14, 02:48 PM   [Ignore Me] #1
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Auraxium and its issues

With the last big patch, Auraxium was removed from bases, and is now awarded for Gaining XP.

This is a temporary thing, because SOE is right now working on completely removing Auraxium, and putting weapon unlocks on the Cert tree.

And this is a bad idea.
Why: Regardless of Weapon unlocks being on the Cert tree or via Auraxium, with the current system, you unlock stuff by getting XP, and you get XP by fighting. While this sounds like a good idea to remove AFK folks at warpgates, and fix the whole Esamir situation (one empire dominating it forever to gain all the Auraxium), it introduces a much more critical issue: There is no more reason to fight.

Right now, on the beta servers, there are people everywhere trying to find a target that makes sense to attack. But there isn’t any. Bases don’t reward you with anything special you need. Getting more territory in general also has no use, as you quickly reach the Cap of the resource count, and once you have enough income, its almost impossible to not have enough resources for whatever you want to do.
I'm pretty sure a lot of you noticed that as well.

I don’t know what the best idea is to fix the Auraxium problems we had. I have a few ideas myself, but I have no idea if they are the best possible solution, or if they just introduce new problems.
But I know one thing for sure: Right now, I have no reason to log in. There is no reason to fight, other than gaining XP.
Right now, Planetside 2 wouldn’t hold my attention for more than a month after release. And im saying that as a diehard Planetside fan, who played PS1 for the first time in 2004, and went crazy when SOE announced Planetside 2.

We need to go back to the old system, and fix its problems, rather than completly throwing it over board.

If you think like me, make your voice heard. Otherwise, we end up stuck with a system that removes the soul out of Planetside 2.

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Old 2012-10-14, 02:55 PM   [Ignore Me] #2
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Re: Auraxium and its issues

Well, not sure I have an opinion on this yet really. They just started doing the aux gain on experience thing. And the resource gain rate is kind of slow in it's current state. Implants needed perhaps? But I do agree we need some sort of incentive to attack locations as well.
Don't feed the trolls, unless it's funny to do so...
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Old 2012-10-14, 03:31 PM   [Ignore Me] #3
J Baley
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Re: Auraxium and its issues

double post...

Last edited by J Baley; 2012-10-14 at 03:33 PM.
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Old 2012-10-14, 03:32 PM   [Ignore Me] #4
J Baley
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Re: Auraxium and its issues

Yes, I don't know about removing it. Even though everything is so messed at the moment, it's a bit ridiculous to just trash it all and not fix it instead. Though, I'm so confused with all that's changed lately, I couldn't begin to guess how they would do that. Every patch makes me feel that we are back to square one.
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Old 2012-10-14, 03:42 PM   [Ignore Me] #5
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Re: Auraxium and its issues

Gaining Auraxium as a global dividend seems like the simplest solution right now. However, if they remove Auraxium, they really have to try hard to find a reason for bases.
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Old 2012-10-14, 03:50 PM   [Ignore Me] #6
First Sergeant
Re: Auraxium and its issues

How about making bases meaningful again? I'll just take my post from the official forums about how bases were meaningful in PS1.

I would have to say the main benefits of bases in PS1 were the Command EXP you got from capturing, the ability to pull vehicles, and their specific benefits they gave. Below is the list of benefits.

-Cutting out the info on bases since I'm assuming most people here know
the base benefits-

I know they're working on getting these in, but I'm listing the benefits of having a PS1 base /flameshield. With certain bases on your side, you had a pretty good advantage over your opponents. Dropship center benefits were always my favorite along with the interfarm, I mean Interlink Facility benefits.

Bases also became the main and only source of your vehicles, excluding Sanctuary which was unfeasible for a sustained battle. They were required to push the next target unlike now where towers in PS2 can serve this purpose. If you began to lose a base, you busted your *** to get back to that base otherwise you lost your foothold on that entire area. We can circumvent all bases through the hex system, we have no need for bases other than the Auraxium they give at this point.

As for Command EXP, this was what leveled up your Command Rank for the ones leading Squads/Platoons and gave you special benefits, which became less special as time progressed. The leaders of outfits, squads/platoons relied on capping bases so they could have a better chance at leading everyone to victory. This is again removed in PS2. You can just be a killwhore to get your EXP --> Certs --> Command Rank, which is what Command Rank boiled down to in the end with PS1. Killwhores used the Orbital Strike to buffer their K/D which is what will most likely happen again.
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Old 2012-10-14, 03:55 PM   [Ignore Me] #7
Re: Auraxium and its issues

Personally I'd not go so far as to say ps2 had found it's soul yet (or previously).

We don't really have a reason to fight, that's true, but I would identify resources as the issue. Rather I'd say it was things like continent capture and home continents and the fear of being zero based.

Auraxium, which translates into unlocks or xp which translates into unlocks - I don't get the difference.

Granted the devs should give more rewards for capturing a major base ahead of a minor one. But ther's no reason why that can't be done.
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Old 2012-10-14, 04:02 PM   [Ignore Me] #8
Re: Auraxium and its issues

Originally Posted by DjEclipse View Post
Higby will figure it out.
He already said at one point that bases will have benefits in the future, so this isn't anything we need to worry about.

Even right now the large bases grant 30 resources and small ones only grant 2 or 3. In really intense vehicle combat, those tech plants could become very important, due to this resource benefit alone.

Personally, I think they should bring back the G-AMS and remove the silly adjacency thing (while keeping the S-AMS, of course). The game was way more fun back then and it would completely allow factions try and deny specific resources to the other empires. I bet the VS would be pretty sad if the TR held all of their tech plants and amp stations. Heck, they might just play infantry longer than running to a vehicle terminal if we did that...
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Old 2012-10-14, 04:32 PM   [Ignore Me] #9
Re: Auraxium and its issues

Originally Posted by DjEclipse View Post
I am with you. I liked the G-AMS and saw that the game really only needed a spawnless S-AMS for gear. Together the Gal and Bus would have been great working together.

Devs should give it one more college dropout try with G-AMS just make it so you can't grab gear, from the Gal. That way it has a specific job as a heavy transport support vehicle. And the Bus has a specific job as light support; gear.

But what the fuck do I know, Smed pays Higby all those Mexican pesos for a reason.
That's actually a really great set of ideas!

I like the way you gave both vehicles clear rolls that are genuinely useful. I think we'd see the Sunderer used as a transport and in a mobile support roll more often if it didn't have the spawn capability. And after trying it out... I have to say that the Galaxy made a better AMS in its last iteration, because it could take some hits, get into some interesting places, but it was pretty easy for the enemy to contest it and see it coming in.

There's some awesome symbiosis swimming around in your vision of the Gal/Sundy!
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Old 2012-10-14, 04:57 PM   [Ignore Me] #10
Re: Auraxium and its issues

Galaxies just get shot down so fast in this game, I haven't seen one last very long and they're so easy to hit with a tank.

I just think get rid of the Auraxium menu and build it all into the cert tree where you look at a vehicle or weapon and buy it, then you open up the certs for it. Need to make it much simpler rather than having two whole different menus because I spent a time putting money into certs thinking I'd unlock the item when I spent the one point in them or something. Didn't notice until someone told me that there was this separate Auraxium on this whole different menu.

Thing is though this is a F2P game and it isn't designed for you to have everything right away. I've been playing for a week full on now and I've already got a MCG and three different turret types for the prowler. The MCG is the worst thing I have ever seen btw, they need to change the model back to the old one.

When station cash goes live and everyone is getting the bonous from alpha squad and subscribing we'll have to see how fast it is then. They don't want people getting everything within a couple months.

I don't think cert gain is too slow, I just think getting new stuff via certs can be slow, you should be able to get certain things faster but specialising in them is slower like in EVE.
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Old 2012-10-14, 05:07 PM   [Ignore Me] #11
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Re: Auraxium and its issues

It's not that we don't have a reason to fight - let's be honest, we're going to fight each other no matter what - but last night during Squad Ops we realized that there is no real incentive to anything EXCEPT fight, because it's the only thing that gives XP.
It didn't matter which base we fought at, because they were all strategically meaningless - territories were valuable only because there might be fighting there.
As wrong as it felt to us, we just mounted up and left for the next base as soon as it was apparent that the enemy had given up and stopped spawning... there was no reason to wait for the base to flip or even to stay behind to defend because we weren't getting any points for it. Even worse, it was inherently unclear how we were helping our faction by doing any of it.
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Old 2012-10-14, 06:12 PM   [Ignore Me] #12
Re: Auraxium and its issues

So, what are they going to sell in the shop after they removed Auraxium and make weapons available via certs?

Using Auraxium has the benefit, that it is a separate resource, than can be used to buy weapons and is rewarded for fighting (after some anti-AFK measures are introduced) (because of you don't fight, you won't be able to conquer or defend auraxium-bases) - but that is NOT the same as normal exp/certs.

They can sell everything in the shop for auraxium, because players will aquire this resource over time and want to buy stuff (and if they can't wait, they'll spend SC).

But what will they do when there is no more auraxium and exp/certs are the only "currency" in game?

They will sell weapons that could also be aquired by spending normal exp/certs.

Oh - and when they have begun to sell stuff that you can buy/skill for certs - why stop?

You don't want to wait til you have aquired 480 cert points for the last update to your healing tool?

1800 Station Cash and it is yours!

I fear that removing Auraxium will lead to an item shop where everything can be aquired for money, not only the stuff they talked about.

The Tribes Ascend approach, where you buy basic items with exp or money, but increase that items power only with exp, something you can only earn by playing, is the way to go and imho a great counter to the pay2win-problem.

With auraxium, they choose the same approach.

But with switching to exp/certs only, I fear that they are creating the basis for a pay2win-model, where a new player could throw a bucket of money at the game and use final level skills from day one.
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Old 2012-10-14, 06:20 PM   [Ignore Me] #13
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Re: Auraxium and its issues

The reason I don't want weapons as certs is it forces you choose between new weapons and pre existing ones, just feels like i'd be wasting certs that could otherwise be spent on upgrading useful skills/attachments.

Also are they fixing auraxium gain atm? It feels like ive barely made any tonight and I logged off with about 80 kills + base goals ect
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Old 2012-10-14, 08:26 PM   [Ignore Me] #14
Master Sergeant
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Re: Auraxium and its issues

I think it'll all be sorted out. Let's try to play with the Auraxium removed from next patch, see how that feels, then let the guys know via here, twitter, official forums, or reddit. They look at all of those places alot, I know.

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Old 2012-10-14, 10:28 PM   [Ignore Me] #15
Ghost Runner
Staff Sergeant
Re: Auraxium and its issues

Well this topic inspired this. I posted it on the beta forums as well enjoy

What planet side 2 needs at the moment is logistics!! the are none as it currently is like almost every other FPS pick your gear and jump in.... while that is fun it doesn't seem to be what I saw when I looked at planet side from the outside what I saw was supply lines facility's that let your empire build tanks and other bases that let you get advanced addons for that tank exceterra....

Also ammo should be one of the resources, hold certain bases your empire gets like a 10% bonus to ammo capacity. Bases that allow your faction to produce special ammo's.Heat seeking rockets and the like.

Air bases should be in the game as well and really important to hold so that your empire can have aircraft.

The warp gate should be the only base that has all the terminals, and whats available at them terminals is based on what bases your empire holds on that continent.

Will add more if I think of anything else.
Just some thoughts after while of playing.

Please feel free to add to my Idea
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