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Old 2012-10-17, 07:11 AM   [Ignore Me] #16
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Re: Upcoming enhancements to the Planetside 2 metagame

These changes look like PS2 is heading more and more in the right direction. Granted, I still haven't played but I have been following this game closely, and I played the original PS back in its heyday.

Hopefully the devs implement these changes within the next few weeks because I have a feeling a lot of this stuff is going to really need to be tweaked by the wonderful beta testers.

Release is getting closer and I get more giddy with anticipation as the days go by.
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Old 2012-10-17, 11:03 AM   [Ignore Me] #17
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Re: Upcoming enhancements to the Planetside 2 metagame

Now that Gals are no longer the major spawn points. How does this change the way that Tech plants and Biolabs should be designed? Both seemed to be made with the Gal solely in mind for how people would be assaulting the base. The lack of gals as spawns opens up some opportunities for remodeling the current designs. (Looking at you giant space in the middle of tech plants)

Happy with some of these meta game changes but it's really not adding too much. The tech plant requirement for tanks means that those bases will have greater importance and will be heavily defended. That's a good thing but there's no way to access the tech plant outside of direct pushing. No back hacking or anything to allow the disabling of tanks or the ability to jump ahead. There really is only one right way of playing this game currently and that is the direct assault.

Also if I were a dev I'd take a look at the maps for anti-v land mine use.
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Re: Upcoming enhancements to the Planetside 2 metagame

The squad leader spawn changes are intended to help with squad cohesion and keep your squad together.

Of the 3 changes...
1) You can spawn at a squad-owned spawn vehicle regardless of distance - this allows you to get back to your squad if you get separated or mis-click where you wanted to spawn. It could also be used to relocate a squad. Spawn beacons have done that for a long time, but it's also a pain to have people drop a spawn beacon anytime a member logs in and gets invited they then have to get to the squad. Currently the procedure is to drop a squad beacon so the newly invited person can join in. Allowing them to use any squad-spawn vehicles makes that easier. Helps disconnected players get back also.

2) Instant Action onto squad leader. Only works if instant action cooldown is up. This make sense and allows people who log in to quickly get to their squad immediately. No need for a beacon or sundy. With IA having a long cooldown I don't see the danger in this. I can see the possibility of abuse once every 30 minutes with a mass IA drop onto squad leaders. But on the other hand, that's kind of a cool thing for a squad to do!

3) Spawn on hard spawn points near squad leader. This is not the same as #2. It will basically put you at the closest outpost to your squad leader. Again squad cohesion. Seems like more of a fallback feature for when you don't have a squad spawn vehicle up.

These do allow rapid relocation of a squad, but that's already possible today. The important thing is to make it easy for the squad to stay together in this big world and not leave people stranded places or have them spend five minutes just getting back to their squad.
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Old 2012-10-17, 11:39 AM   [Ignore Me] #19
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Re: Upcoming enhancements to the Planetside 2 metagame

Originally Posted by IRSAudit View Post
The post literaly says"Squad vehicles like Sunderers will be available to be spawned at regardless of distance"

As in only squads can spawn on them. It doesn't even say Platoon-based, which will add organizational complexity. No need to freak out in caps, it's already the way you want it.

Personally I think these are absolutely great changes and additions to the game, I'm a little surprised at the level of "meh" in this thread.
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Old 2012-10-17, 01:03 PM   [Ignore Me] #20
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Re: Upcoming enhancements to the Planetside 2 metagame

Originally Posted by Helwyr View Post
Also why just MBTs and not other advanced vehicles for the Techplant?
Other advanced vehicles? We really only have like what, 4 vehicles in the entire game?
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Old 2012-10-17, 04:02 PM   [Ignore Me] #21
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7, 11 if you count the other empires.

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Old 2012-10-17, 04:26 PM   [Ignore Me] #22
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Re: Upcoming enhancements to the Planetside 2 metagame

Intercontinental Warfare

As we continue to add continents to the game, our goal is to make intercontinental conquest a central aspect of the metagame. The back and fourth of campaigning across a network of massive scale continents in enormous empire vs empire clashes is one of the cornerstones of what makes Planetside such a unique game. With our initial three continents we will be laying the foundation for this global conquest gameplay by adding things like continent locks for total continental domination, continent benefits from locking continents that carry over globally, and mechanics to support retaking locked continents.

With the release of Amerish in the next couple weeks (fingers crossed!) we will be adding specific and unique continent benefits to the game, things like reduced vehicle timers or resource costs, increased ammo capacity, faster respawn times, etc. We want these benefits to provide strategic incentives to holding a continent, and as we expand out form the backbone for empire wide prioritization and targeting. This is another area where we're really interested in your input. What type of benefits would you like to see on continents? What would you NOT like to see there? Let us know.

Excellent! It's awesome that they recognize this point because it ups the scale. You can be fighting for continents on a planet, rather than the highest level just being fighting for bases on a continent.

I'm not as fussed about the incentives themselves as long as they're there and worth fighting over. % health buff is a common one, but that's just off the top of my head. It's desperately important they're balanced though or else everyone will flood to the continent with the best incentive.
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