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Can't we all just get along??

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Re: How weak is that???

Originally posted by {BOHICA}Navaron

What a load of bunk. I get home from class just now, and I start to swing through these different PS forums, and I notice I'm getting slammed on a forum, I've yet to post on, by a guy who I share common ideas about. Totaly weak, he goes and cuts and pastes a thread of mine with a rubuke from a dev, to another guy. NOT EVEN ME. I was telling someguy to lighten up in that thread. Man. I go and have some fun, if you *read* that thread, every post almost is humourous. I'm not a noob. I've been following this game for a little while, maybe 6 mos or so. Whats this Vicchio guys problem? Is he just an ass, or a baby who cries alot? Thats not cool. I don't like getting slammed behind my back. Ms. Vicchio, if you got a problem with me or one of my threads, post it to me, not to your little l33t g33xz. Man. You piss and moan about holier than thou people on that thread then come over here and start up a pus fest. That guys grammer joke thread, says don't read unless bored. Go get a life maybe you won't be so bored. And just for posterity, I flamed Canada and France just afew days ago. Also, I have a hard time believing your Navy story. What ship, port, what was/is your rank, Cmmd officer's name, whats your enlistment, and what's your current detail. I'm just saying, leave people alone who are just having fun, no matter what forum. If you're so cool, act like it.


My job here unofficially, until Hamma gives me the job out right, is to provide for the forum hounds of the PSU website dev replies to Official Forum posts. I did not single you out, nor did I slam you in the least. Your post obiuosly made in fun, and I in turn had fun with it. If you are going to post on the offical PS forums, and a dev replies, then YOUR post shall be brought here. That is my job. If you have a problem with this, I suggest you consider what you post, otherwise I will find it, and bring it here.

It is not my fault you chose such a cheesy and childish (no matter the intention) post that actually recieved a response. I will not attack you, will not defame you, you have done enough of that on your own. I will await an appology from you for your... rash choice of words. And I expect this to be a public, on its own thread in the lounge here on the PSU forums, appology. Until then, take care what you post, it might come back at you.

Mister Vicchio,

Your Friendly (un)Officcial Forum Hound
Back from the internet!
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