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Old 2014-06-28, 04:42 PM   [Ignore Me] #1
Punisher Quirks? Please Help.

Hey all, I'm new to Planetside, just started playing today, for about 2 hours, and I cant seem to get the Punisher to work with any grenade choices, only the Rockets. I've figured out how to switch between full auto and rockets, but the frag grenades I had in my inventory were not being recognized and it would mark the gun as empty.

I tried it with just the Grenade pack, and then frags themselves and even both, is there something I'm missing?
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Old 2014-06-28, 05:08 PM   [Ignore Me] #2
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Re: Punisher Quirks? Please Help.

When you swap to secondary, you have to change ammo. I think the default key is X or B... easy to find in keymapping in any case.
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Re: Punisher Quirks? Please Help.

Yeah go to the rocket mode, then use the key for swapping ammo types. X is the default button. Right-clicking changes firing mode, ammo mode determines what you fire.

You can swap ammo types on a lot of gear, this includes the Advanced Combat Engineering tool (ACE): you can change type of deployable (turret, motion sensor and mine) for instance, and then use the change ammo button to deploy an alternate than the default.

For ACEs, you get:

1. Frag Mine -> EMP Mine
2. Motion Alarm Sensor (motion radar) -> Motion Disruptor (radar jammer)
3. Spitfire Turret (basic AI turret) -> Shadow Turret (cloaked AI turret) -> Cerberus Turret (Anti-Air turret)
4. Boomer (remote controlled explosive)

Btw, on the Punisher, I recommend you try out the EMP grenade launcher. It doesn't damage stuff, but you can use it from quite decent ranges to disable enemy vehicle weapons and you can quickly destroy minefields with it (and make it explode under enemies ). Quite handy in combination with Anti-Vehicle weaponry.
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