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Old 2012-06-01, 06:25 AM   [Ignore Me] #16
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Re: What should I know?

Originally Posted by SKYeXile View Post
switch 1 and 2, you want to findout what you like to do, then join a good outfit that likes to do the same :P
Definitely this. It's important to get to grips with the game before you settle into any role, otherwise you might not be playing to your strengths or you simply might just not enjoy it.

Nothing wrong with joining an outfit and jumping into the deep end, mind, just remember that the outfit doesn't exist solely for your convenience. Might make it easier to find an outfit more to your liking if you wait to get some experience though.

A good outfit is one that appeals to you and your play-style, while still allowing you have your share of fun in-game. There's no shame in switching outfits if you feel your current one doesn't fit. If you get any hate for it, they're the scumbags, not you.

Teamwork is one of the most important things in Planetside, so learn how to function with it well and everything should fall into place. The most important thing is having fun though, but that's something only you can provide for yourself. Prioritise is.
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Re: What should I know?

Originally Posted by Trolltaxi View Post
Best advice is to find a good outfit indeed...

But how do you recognize a good outfit? As a newcomer?
Ah, that's tricky. If you're new squad with one of the larger outfits and then if you like what you see join them. I'd recommend as a new player staying away from outfits the specialize in one thing or are smallish. Reason being that those smaller and more focused groups want you to come in knowing a bunch of stuff already. (See Sky's post for example, he's part of a very... unique bunch [and here I thought I'd never be able to use that smiley])

Outfits are as varied as players and can range from large all inclusive outfits to tiny groups made by a couple friends to extremely focused groups who know exactly what they like to do. Or at least those are the ones I've observed. I suppose there's another type: Dying. Take a look at the people in charge, they will decide how the ship sails and if it will run over any waterfalls. Also keep in mind that in every outfit there are good bad and mediocre people, how the outfit deals with this should be something you watch.
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The Kush
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Re: What should I know?

Originally Posted by Semisel View Post
As a player new to Planetside who has researched the key features and mechanics of PS2, what should I know when I log in for my first match in Beta/PS2? This is less about holding a proper concept of the game in one's head as a newcomer, but more of a question about what to expect, how to prepare, etc.

Obviously, we haven't had hands-on experience with the game, so there's no guarantee that any answers to the question are valid for PS2; even still, it would be immensely helpful to get some tips and suggestions from the PS veterans for the virgin masses, learned not in the ways of endless, entire war.

What should I know?
My advice would be to find a squad with a knowledgeable leader. Following someone who knows what they are doing and listening to their orders will teach you the most about the game fastest. Not only that but you will make friends while doing so. The most important factor of PS is teamwork and finding a great team to work with and accomplish your goals. Best of luck
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Re: What should I know?

Finding a good outfit is a long process that can last months, you just have to try a few. Though a lot of the larger ones focused on bringing newcomers up to speed (VS ex.: Infinite, AT, GOTR) to not only have number but have them be marginally effective in battle.

It's also kind of an evolutionary process on your part. As you get better, you might want to leave those new-guy friendly outfits to join a more elite 'leet-fit' with players of your skill level.
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