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Old 2003-07-24, 02:00 PM   [Ignore Me] #91
First Sergeant
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Originally posted by Madcow
I'm not kidding at all. From that distance I wouldn't even bother pulling the MCG out. I think you should loot a few and try them out, they aren't what you think they are. They're far more useful than they used to be, and they're fun to use, but they're no good from a distance.
I agree with you on the accuracy at long range .. but with a well stocked backpack you can keep them at bay for a bit until help .. on either side .. arrives. Then ya have to make your shots count.

As for the tanks .. I've not had the opportunity to drive a magrider .. yet .. the only thing that I can see advantageous there is being able to ride on water ..
~ Kuraltai
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Old 2003-07-24, 08:23 PM   [Ignore Me] #92

well that sucks we could use some upgrades considering that we are sucking right now on markov. We are getting blown to shit and we could use some help. TR are taking the hell over and we need more people to join the Game. THIS SUCKS .
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Old 2003-07-24, 08:27 PM   [Ignore Me] #93
Diddy Mao
Second Lieutenant
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Originally posted by Sentrosi
heh, I knew that was gonna happen. Now you NC know how it feels.

I think that this will continue to go on for another 6 or 8 months, or until everyone is sick of switching sides.

People should remain true to their empire. I started as TR on Emerald, and imma gunna stay TR on Emerald. If I want to be NC or Vanu, I'll go somewhere else. This is one of my biggest bitches about the game.
I agree I wanted to be NC before I was even Accepted to the Beta and Haven't even though once about switch'n. I could be a "Fanboy" i just don't switch everytime there is a patch
You last visited: 03-18-2005 at 01:50 PM - lol time flies
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Old 2003-07-24, 11:46 PM   [Ignore Me] #94
Staff Sergeant

Originally posted by Diddy Mao
I agree I wanted to be NC before I was even Accepted to the Beta and Haven't even though once about switch'n. I could be a "Fanboy" i just don't switch everytime there is a patch
Exactly what i did. I am true to my empire and everyone else should be too.
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Old 2003-07-25, 12:04 AM   [Ignore Me] #95
Sergeant Major
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NC dont need upgrades. I believe we're fairly balanced across the 3 empires.

the problem I do see is that NC lacks a lot in tactics and strategy. while Vanu had to deal w/the JH they adapted and as a whole, what remained were smarter leaders.

NC for the first time is having to deal w/factions they can't streamroll with vanguards & JH's.

take for example, Hossin since patch change. stalemates every night where NC is constantly retreating. this has rarely happened, even when TR had their pre-adjustment pounder. are we losing solely based on the Lasher? I don't buy that. I can understand when we are outzerged but still, there remains spec ops type situations that can change the face of the battle.

if Vanu are pushing in on Mulac and Mulac is our last base, why dont NC squads lattice punch at Hurakan or Chac? if we're stuck in between TR and Vanu, fight where they are not. it may be boring but it allows us more options as a faction.

there are many things to consider as to why NC has been getting its ass handed to them. I believe it's the fault of lack of leadership and proper direction when squads sit at the sanc screaming for reinforcements.

I am cr5 and I can probably do something about it, but.. my preference is leading my outfit squads. I'm just not the type of person to willingly lead continents.

on a side note: the only area I believe the Lasher needs a fix is the AV portion. either give it a toggle like the Pulsar with a slower fire rate and/or dmg drop off and/or lower AP damage, or just flat out reduce the AP damage the Lasher causes. it won't reduce the "versatility" that Vanu weapons are known for but it will make the Lasher a realistic weapon. realistic meaning non-God mode.
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Old 2003-07-25, 02:11 AM   [Ignore Me] #96
Cauldron Borne

I don't mind a bit, corse I use tactics that completely negate the use of HA on mine and the Enemy's part. All the people that left the NC are probable floaters (<--new players that only go with the uber weapon team) and now that they are all in Vanu the average Vanu skill level will dramatically drop. We'll be hearing things like Vanu zerg on hossin before too long I'm sure. I have never, NEVER heard warnings of a Vanu zerg before. (A zerg IMO is a mindless mass of tactless idiots, as opposed to a large skilled army, which the vanu manage to pull off some times and are actually more fun to play with/ against).

And now for something completely different...:
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Old 2003-07-25, 03:52 AM   [Ignore Me] #97
First Sergeant

As a grunt facing a grunt with a Lasher I have no problems with weapon. Its strong, but there are ways to beat it. But in all honestly that weapon does WAY too much damage to Maxes in too short of time. I was partnering up with an outfit member today who was using his Maxes. I was the repairman. I got to see A LOT of what the Lasher does vs Maxes. Its too much for a HA weapon. Especially considering there is no ammo change needed. I know people say the JH and MCG have higher DPS vs maxes with AP rounds than the lasher, but I want to see the data. I'm going to do some testing on this. I don't think the JH and MCG(even with AP rounds) do that kind of damage to a Max that fast.

Its an all around strong weapon. Great vs Inf, Very strong vs Maxes, and makes quick work of Engy Deployables from range too.
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Old 2003-07-25, 04:41 AM   [Ignore Me] #98
Master Sergeant

makes quick work of Engy Deployables from range too.
If you can hit them; the lasher's CoF is the largest of the HA weapons, the balls fly everywhere!
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Old 2003-07-25, 10:57 AM   [Ignore Me] #99

Bah the hilarious thing is that so many VS are using the Lasher that they are canon fodder for reever pilots. They sit there firing up at you when you are 50m away hovering, I easily strafe avoiding most of them and reply with a volly of rockets, or if I really want to put some humiliation into it, use my 20 mike mike.

I will say that IMO the lasher is now the premier HA weapon because of two reasons.

1: It doesn't degrade, its as powerful at 30m as it is at 10m.

2: Indoors its hard to evade. Big balls (as the song goes) and come out rather fast now.

But after saying that I think that the JH still rules up close, but honestly I just don't like the MCG, I think it takes up too much ammo. If they were to beef it up by increasing its range, that might compensate for its lacking in other areas. This would let the TR be dominate in the open areas.

But regardless I look at things as a reaver pilot and as a reaver pilot IMHO TR is the best to fly for. The vanu AA max is laughable to reever and skeeter pilots, easily afterburner'd away from. And the NC AA max isn't very good for much other than AA so you don't see it much.

Now I've tested NC and VS and have found that the TR is perhaps the hardest to play against because of the darn striker. Seems every john doe out there carries one so when you are attacking a base, like 20 TR will lock onto you, even if 20% hit, your a dead reaver pilot.

At least the TR own in that category.
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