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Old 2003-06-05, 06:40 PM   [Ignore Me] #46
First Lieutenant
Pilgrim's Avatar

Yeah it's not the NC and VS fault that the only people capable of playing the game are on the TR side...

This is lame!

Down with NERFS!!!

I really wish they had just increased everyone elses magazine size... then no room to complain. MY only problem with the TR MAX was that when I played a DC I once killed 2 MAX and 5 grunt... and then reloaded.

Try doing that with a falcon! I dare ya!

MAX armor should be hard to kill, should be killing machines... No problem! just make it so our MAX can kill your MAX within reason.

My favorite story about this is the great Falcon conspiracy. TR are swarming us, alot of MAX units, some grunts, so I put on my falcon panties and head into a hallway. There is a DC locked down not ten feet away, I wander forward, putting rockets into his back. I think I may have missed once or twice, but anyone who uses a Falcon will tell you that's common, in the meanwhile the DC unrooted, turned, and began shooting. I hit him 17-18 times! he killed me while I reloaded behind my worthless shield.

Now I have little doubt that the next fella to come along felled him pretty easy, but when you get the jump on someone, and pound them from behind... you want them to fall down dead!

I doubt this will effect much, and doubt that it will make TR MAX any more worthless then the other MAX units.

Just wish they's increased a few little things and moved on.

The only real test of Courage is the last!
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Old 2003-06-05, 06:44 PM   [Ignore Me] #47

Yes im sure the only reason TR seems overpowered is the thousands of players on the other side are somehow significantly less skilled than the TR players......And as far as why they didnt buff the other MAXes up instead , its fairly obvious that the devs like how the VS/NC maxes stand compared to infantry as opposed to how TR MAXes do , I dont know if I like it that way but oh well , its certainly not going to ruin the game for me .
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Old 2003-06-05, 06:47 PM   [Ignore Me] #48

And I really dont know why you think maxes should be these insanely powered Killing machines when they cost a whopping 3 certs each .
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Old 2003-06-05, 06:50 PM   [Ignore Me] #49

You say once you start nerfing people will keep whing so you nerf other things.

How wuld boosting other Maxes be any better?

Then everyone would whient o boost their weapon of choice.

I think the NC and VS maxes are rigth where they should be.

If you boosted the NC and VS to match then ALL MAXes wuld be a bit too powerful. That is makeing the problem worse, not better.
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Old 2003-06-05, 06:52 PM   [Ignore Me] #50
Dragoon Admiral
Zarparchior's Avatar

Hunter, the best way to determine if that scenario is balanced is if you could have killed him if he got the jump on you (role reversal). Would it be physically possible? No? Well then...

I agree. The Falcon NC MAX is almost as crappy as the VS Comet MAX.
My old sig is gone... I reformatted.
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Old 2003-06-05, 07:05 PM   [Ignore Me] #51
Troll x2
Destroyeron's Avatar

Originally posted by kerosene31

"I'm TR and I support this decision. I generally have been anti-nerf, but being in the pounder near an enemy AMS, it just feels wrong to kill 20 people so fast."

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Old 2003-06-05, 07:13 PM   [Ignore Me] #52
Miir's Avatar

Welcome to DAoC... er Planetside.

hehe... balancing is a full time job and will be on going for years to come. It's unfortunate that people will leave. But balancing is nessessary.

IMO they should get rid of MAX's all together or at least allow you to loot max weapons off a corpse. So all empires can share the technology.
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Old 2003-06-05, 07:14 PM   [Ignore Me] #53
Master Sergeant

TR: If we can't have m4d pwnage maxs, then the terro... er, whiners have already won!

I want to say something to all you 'vocal' TR max players - You've been telling the NC and VS to quit whining and "adapt" to your maxs, use tactics, get skills, etc. Well, now YOU quit whining and adapt to your maxs. Use tactics, get skills. Because your maxs won't save you anymore.

And in case you haven't noticed, things in MMOGs generally get hit with nerf bats. Don't whine when something you use is 'undeservingly' nerfed, m'kay?
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Old 2003-06-05, 07:20 PM   [Ignore Me] #54

Actually, toning down the TR max makes alot more sense than having the other MAXs up to par.

If the NC and VS MAXs were boosted up to TR's overpowered strengths, then the MAX will dominate the field. It'll be a big MAX & Vehicle fest. You have Max's for indoors, and vehicles for outdoors.

Why bother with infantry at all now? To hack CCs? Give me a break. How's 10-20-30 infanty get thru 5-10 TR MAXs gaurding the CC?

Flank them with Decimators? Shoot them from afar with a Lancer? Run them over with Magriders? Excuse me, but when did they start putting CCs out in the fucking forest and in the open? Oh, they didn't! They are in buildings. Safe havens for the TR MAX's.

So, we bring the NC & VS MAX up to par. Now we make the infantry stronger. Now we make the vehicles stronger. Now we make the MAXs stronger. Oh-oh, gotta make the infantry stronger again.

Just balance the TR by toning it down, yet still make it hard to kill each other. Bringing up the power just makes killing EASIER. I'm sorry about your kiddie mindset that it's fun to just kill things easier. Now you have to work at killing, what a fuckin' concept.

Funny, TR are ALWAYS whining, "VS just needs to learn to use their weapons effectively". Well, looks like the TR are going to have to take their own fuckin' advice.

I'll start it out:

TR, learn to use your MAX's effectively".

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Old 2003-06-05, 07:22 PM   [Ignore Me] #55

Originally posted by Nitsch
"Insanity in individuals is something rare - but in groups, parties, nations and epochs, it is the rule."
Friedrich Nietzsche

(not dissin on you reneG8, you gave me an opportunity to use a cool quote)
I got a german quote and tried to translate it, hopefully its the same meaning.

"Ein Zitat ist besser als ein Argument. Man kann damit in einem Streit die Oberhand gewinnen, ohne den Gegner berzeugt zu haben."

"A quote is better than an argument. You can be superior in a discussion, without having convinced the other."

Gabriel Laub
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Old 2003-06-05, 07:31 PM   [Ignore Me] #56
Dragoon Admiral
Zarparchior's Avatar

Big T, that is funny, isn't it? ... but I resent what you said about outspoken TR players. I play for the TR, and I am outspoken. Therefore, I and the entire Terran Republic is correct and you are wrong. The TR MAXs are fine pre-nerf.

You can try to argue with me if you want to, but my logic is infalible.

And while I believe that is what I said to some extent, I agree with ya small t.
My old sig is gone... I reformatted.
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Old 2003-06-05, 08:52 PM   [Ignore Me] #57
Sergeant Major

Absolutely necessary. Heh, I'm sorry but TR MAXes have been complete BS since the pounder/DC switch.

Before you start with the "ONOS TR IS TEH SUX NOW U SONY **** I QUIT!!#" go play a VS MAX for a few hours and note that even if you have a ridiculous situational advantage, you'll almost often lose 1v1 against a TR MAX. That is, assuming you don't get lamed by mass Strikers before you even see a MAX at close range.

edit: Totally agree with TMartinez's post on things.
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Old 2003-06-05, 09:03 PM   [Ignore Me] #58

Well after tonight, I definately do not think TRs should be nerfed. I was playing on Ishundar, a continent right next to TR's sanc, and we were gettin owned by the VS, flat out owned. They almost had the cont locked, but I had to go. It all evens out believe, because those Magriders were just running us over. Our tanks come no where close to VS or NC's tanks.
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Old 2003-06-05, 09:44 PM   [Ignore Me] #59
Second Lieutenant
Led's Avatar

Oh no, this is totally unnecessary. I mean, when a pounder max comes walking straight down a hall, holding down the fire button, while the user is eating a sandwich and watching Oprah, and murders thirty people that have absolutely no chance to even run, it was all skill, right?


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Old 2003-06-05, 09:53 PM   [Ignore Me] #60

To say nothing of NC's personal anti infantry weapon that has a fast rate of fire, little COF, and kills everything on the average in 2 shots. You can bet your beanies NC's precious jackhammer will be hit by the nerfbat too. Glorfied sweeper my ass.
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