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Old 2013-01-08, 05:56 AM   [Ignore Me] #1
empire specific fighter abilities

To make each fighter truly unique, how about giving them utilities that are different from eachother and are activated with the f key.

scythe: cloak, has a either a timer or a rechargeing bar just like infiltraitors have. wouldnt last long just 8 seconds or less, enough time hopefully to get away during a dogfight. the ability to fire or boost would be locked but afterburner would still recharge. would break lock ons but already fired missile would likely hit.

reaver: shield, just like the vanguard just enough to give them an advantage or save the from a rocket. with a cooldown time or a recharge.

mosquito: megaburner, perfect for a quick escape or a hot pursuit, an extra 150 kph for a brief time on a charger or timer. could be used in addition to the afterburner.

all of this is basically already in game but not applied to the aircraft at all.

so please tell me what you think.
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Old 2013-01-08, 06:16 AM   [Ignore Me] #2
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Re: empire specific fighter abilities

I don't think this would be a good idea. The shield on the Vanguard is already overpowered as all crap in a serious tank battle that doesn't end with "Wahh, he slowly moved sideways so I lost", putting similar things on fighters would just make them even more overpowered.

Fighters are already the fastest unit in the game, which means they have a chance to escape from any fight except with another fighter. The only way to kill a fighter for any unit but another fighter is to overwhelm it with such huge damage that it can't get away before it blows up, so adding what you'd call an "Oh shit button" in other games to it that lets it get out of those situations easily would just make it really overpowered.

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Old 2013-01-08, 06:37 AM   [Ignore Me] #3
Re: empire specific fighter abilities

huh, I didnt think of it that way, i was thinking it would be more to diversify the battle in the skies. I have to disagree with the shield being op on a reaver though, I mean compared to cloaking where you can appear behind a pilot cloak+s+spacebar or megaburner where you can get away from or hunt down people with incredible speed. granted it can be abused especially against infantry but no more so than flares or scout radar can. plus it would only last a couple seconds, and under heavy flak would be gone in a second

If you think about it none of these abilities give a definite advantage, the whole goal is dversification. Give it some more thought the ideas may grow on you.

you know, pilots already have an oh sh!% button, its shift. Half the time it rams them into the ground or the nearest tree
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Old 2013-01-08, 03:15 PM   [Ignore Me] #4
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Re: empire specific fighter abilities

The reason why the shield would be overpowered is for the same reason its overpowered on the Vanguard, because it lets them win any damage race situation easily.

Whenever you get into a fight where its just two units locked in a fight where neither of them can really get away, and neither of them can really be expected to miss with its shots and they just race each other to zero hitpoints the guy with the X seconds of invulnerability ability is going to inevitably win. Once he figured out that he will inevitably win he will learn how to force those situations.

I mean, stealth or a boost of speed might allow you to get away from that sort of fight, but it's not just air vs. air balance that's an issue there, but more the fact that you can activate the shield and just hover in front of 5 burster maxes while shooting missiles at them. There is no situation in which stealth or speed buys you the time to just sit there and damage race a unit while it can't even touch your health bar.

Also, I don't know why afterburners ram you into the ground. Afterburners are nice, but they really don't make you go fast enough to completely get away from all enemy fire.

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Old 2013-01-08, 07:35 PM   [Ignore Me] #5
Re: empire specific fighter abilities

your missing the whole point, how about instead of just telling me its aweful. propose an alternative, or are you not capable?
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Old 2013-01-08, 09:18 PM   [Ignore Me] #6
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Re: empire specific fighter abilities

I think anything added to the game that can help differentiate between the empires is a good thing as long as its somewhat balanced in a way. I think that stealth for the scythe though should be reserved to another aircraft maybe down the line thats in another class of aircraft. Maybe give the scythe a strafe booster that can boost for a short ways to the right or left. I like the mossie and reaver abilities how u described, basically gives each faction a different way to at least avoid one extra missile.

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