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Re: I'm the dev of a new MMOFPS looking to start a conversation with PlanetSide vets

That's neat. Force absorb was the only reason I'd ever pick the light side in Jedi Knight multiplayer. The look on an opponent's face when they realize that their lightning is doing nothing but refilling my force meter was great. Too bad the other light side powers weren't as good.
It looks like we like a lot of the same games I played a lot of Jedi Knight online and loved it (played the sequels but always preferred the original). Hehehe that brings back good memories, I had completely forgotten about force absorb, maybe it was in my subconscious when I added that ability . I'm going to go check out some JK faqs and videos to refresh my memory on all the old force powers, maybe it will help inspire some additions Although there is one thing from my JK days that did make it into the game now that I think about it, I used a peculiar keyboard layout that has inspired the controls for Hunternet (full control remapping is also implemented).

So is there some kind of requirement for being able to join a team? From what I understand it would be possible to invalidate a winning streak by simply surrendering to a team (changing their composition) and then returning to your previous team.
Surrendering to a team is not enough, they have to accept your surrender, they could just blast you in the face Use the team ability on an opponent they will see your white flag, but they have to use the team ability within a time limit to accept your surrender You can use the team abilities to deceive other teams so that's another use of the team ability. So yes composition will end a win streak, but you can't force that to happen unless you are a member of the winning team.

You can use the team ability to abandon your own team or kick others out of your team, so be careful who you let join (your energy bank score will remain the same after someone leaves your team as your team energy bank score is the team average and a leaving player just takes their fair share).

Well first I'll have to get good at the game, but yes. I see myself alternating between lone wolf/elite squad and organizing a larger team.
Same here, I think I could enjoy all three of those approaches, depending on the mood I'm in or which of my friends are online .
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