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Join the Darkside Empire and crush the TR and NC!

The Darkside Empire is now recruiting!

Who we are

The Darkside Empire is a multigaming clan formed in 1999 to play FPS games in professional leagues. Now we've set our sights on Planetside 2, and we aim to become one of the top outfits in the Vanu Sovereignty. With 13 years of competitive FPS experience under our belt, including TFC, Counter-Strike, Quake, and Battlefield, we plan to become a dominant force on the planet Auraxis.

Our structure

The Darkside Empire isn't an outfit with a bunch of paramilitary ranks nobody remembers offhand. When your base is under attack with enemy infantry flanking you, air support harrowing your defenses, and tank lines pushing up, no one is going to remember--or care--who's a 'lieutenant' and who's a 'chief petty officer rank 5 with a gold star' on your website's members list. What's going to matter is being able to work together as a cohesive unit and put a bullet squarely between the eyes of any man who thinks they're going to take your facility.

The Darkside Empire organizes its gaming teams based on need: outfitting each team with the necessary members to get the job done. These 'fireteams' consist of specialists and well-rounded individuals put together to accomplish specific goals. With the ever-changing battlefield of Planetside 2, this type of flexibility--proven in building competitive teams in other FPS games--ensures that our squads and platoons will be able to adapt to various missions and secure territory for our empire.


Darkside is an outfit of resources--and no, I don't mean the resources in-game. Planetside 2 is a massively customizable game, allowing outfits and players to customize everything from their camo pattern, to ornaments on their armor, to the way their vehicles look. These cosmetic options can help solidify an outfit's identity, make players feel connected, and are just plain cool to look at. These options will be purchasable in Planetside 2 with Station Cash; Darkside has the means to deck out our outfit's players, and will gladly do so--not just for our members to feel awesome about what they're wearing, but also so our enemies recognize us and come to fear our colors and patterns.

Who we're looking for

We aim to be the biggest and the best, but we never want to sacrifice fun. The Darkside Empire has always been built around teamwork, sportsmanship, camaraderie, and striving to perform your best while having a good time doing it. We've built strong friendships and teamwork over the past 13 years, and we're looking for enthusiastic and active gamers to join the fight for Auraxis with us! If you value fun and want to be part of a cohesive unit, sign up now and help the Darkside Empire take down those who would oppose the technological progress of the Vanu Sovereignty!

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Re: Join the Darkside Empire and crush the TR and NC!

Yup yup
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