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Old 2012-06-18, 10:48 PM   [Ignore Me] #1
More Consumables

Here are few more consumable items I would like to see in the game. They can be equipped by all non MAX class infantry and can replace either grenades or the pistol on the loadout screen. These items will cost a small amount of resources just like grenades and are ONE TIME USE ONLY. They will be unlocked by paying cert points in the "parent class" and then USABLE BY ALL CLASSES afterwards.

1. Revive Pack. Can be used to revive a fallen teammate. Takes twice as long as the Medic Tool. Unlocked on the Medic certification tree. Your familiarity with using the the med tool lets you go into battle with this more compact one shot device.

2. Nanite Slap Patch. Apply to the outside of a friendly vehicle for a set duration of repair. Unlocked on the Engineer certification tree. Your training with using repair nanites lets you use this disposable repair pack.

3. Jump Jet. Takes two seconds of standing still to warm up and then launches the soldier straight up about 1 and a half stories but with some control as he descends. Unlocked on the Light Assault certification tree. Your experience with the larger jet pack certifies you to use this smaller single use version.

4. AP Rifle Grenade. Activating this consumable gives you a one shot secondary fire mode for your rifle that deals decent damage to vehicles. Unlocked on the the Heavy Assault certification tree. Your expertise at destroying enemy armor allows you to equip the AP Rifle Grenade.

5. Quick Cloak. 2 seconds of very sub-standard cloak. Unlockable on the Infiltrator certification tree. Your skill with the full size cloaking device gives you access to use this less reliable version with other armor types.

6. Ammo Box. Deploys a nanite powered ammo generator that refills the ammo of any player touching it for 30 seconds. Unlocked on the MAX certification tree. Knowing how to deal with the bulky encumbrance of a max suit lets you carry this portable ammo generator to supply your squad in battle.

These would let you take a small piece of your favorite class with you in your other load outs. It would give packs of light assault the limited ability to revive teammates away from a medic. It will give infiltrators the ability to get to a rooftop without bailing from an aircraft. And also give heavy assault a better chance of flanking a tank with the quick cloak.

If Light Assault ends up keeping the ammo box they have now then it can just be removed from the list. MAXes cant use consumables so they don't have to have a cert for them either. I'm anticipating Light Assault getting something more in line with hit and run attacks.

Anyway, let me know what you like and what you don't.

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Old 2012-06-19, 08:44 AM   [Ignore Me] #2
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Re: More Consumables

No. basically you're watering down the classes, Not cool
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Old 2012-06-19, 09:27 AM   [Ignore Me] #3
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Re: More Consumables

Today 07:44 AM
Re: More Consumables
No. basically you're watering down the classes, Not cool
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Old 2012-06-19, 05:33 PM   [Ignore Me] #4
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Re: More Consumables

Originally Posted by Rexdezi View Post
No. basically you're watering down the classes, Not cool

I like some of these ideas, but they go too far down allowing everyone to do everything, at the same time.

Classes exist to diversify the role of infantry and require teamworks to be sucessful. PS2 should have more eliments that give diverse classes greater specialisation and diversification within their chosen field, not outside it.
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Old 2012-06-20, 09:36 AM   [Ignore Me] #5
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Re: More Consumables

The thing here with this, guys, is that you're replacing a utility or some other spot on your character in order to get a miniature version of ONE other thing that another class carries. It's not like you give up grenades to have every medic ability (AOE heal, revive, and direct healing); you're just getting ONE revive and then it's gone. And you have to sacrifice, as he said, grenades or something in order to get this; AND you have to cert it on the skill tree. I think the idea is fine, could maybe use some tuning up, but overall I think it's a fine idea.
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