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Old 2013-08-22, 11:17 AM   [Ignore Me] #31
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Re: TR on Waterson lately

If you don't like the leadership your outfit has, you're more than welcome to join my outfit. We work with Imperial Reach and are looking to expand. Usually on our ops nights we get things done. In the last two weeks we've really been the attacker the nights we run ops.

Look us up in game.
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Old 2013-11-21, 02:14 PM   [Ignore Me] #32
Re: TR on Waterson lately

Originally Posted by EvilCereal View Post
Overall the skill level of TR on Waterson is horrifically low. Obviously there are expections, but the general thing is we only win because of the zerg.

I hate zergs, in fact, I hate lattice in it's current shape because all it does it push empires into zerg v zerg fights.

TR 'leadership' is abysmal also, no-one has any strategic awareness. Like take the alert just now, the 'leadership' were saying how much they all wanted Eisa techplant and while they were all grinding their faces against that, NC swoop in and take Esamir Munitions corp and cut them all off. So they go back and try to retake it, but they can't because their skill levels are too low. They put sunderers in the open, or don't bring any sunderers at all.
Or the medics don't res people.
Or the engineers don't drop ammo.

It's a laundry list of terrible players with horrible skill levels.

It's a sad day when I say I WANT to fight on Amerish because it's away from the zerg, but then it just turns into a ghostcap and everyone gets bored.

4 Months later. Still exactly the same. Only with more ZOE maxes that still aren't balanced in any-way.
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Old 2013-11-26, 02:21 AM   [Ignore Me] #33
Re: TR on Waterson lately

I heard that a lot of guys have traded faction. I have been finding some really pr0 guys with no BR that just came from VS or TR and I see a lot of well known NC players with their alts (failing). So it's likely that you have the same unaware sheep that the NC had been burdened with. It's not that their bad, they just want to play the game like YOU are an NPC.

EDIT: Total vouch for IR. They always bring the fight right up to you, then some how shoot you from behind. Still don't know how all your guys end up in trees but it gotten several squads I know to find one of you on the ground then die to another grounded TR because they were all looking up.

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