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Old 2006-06-11, 10:43 AM   [Ignore Me] #31
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Originally Posted by Hamma
Bad idea IMO - should not be introduced without a multitude of other tweaks, Counter Measures, Hot Drop Prevention.. etc etc.
It would be redundant, but just to make it clear to reavers, It could have rear anti missle sparks that make reaver rockets explode early without damaging the aircraft to make sure reaver rockets are stopped. Mannually released of course.

It could still take a little damage if they explode to close to the plane since the i think the rockets have explosive radius like most explosive and AV weaponry. But that would only add to the game experience.

And with the bailing issue. Why don't they make all non drop vehicles shoot the people in the plain upwards instead of dropping them. Then if they want to drop on a tower they can shoot buy the bottom of it at 180 miles per hour and hop up to the top giving people more time to deal with them and less of a chance to land on the middle roof section where they are safe. There are alot more dangers flying near surface; mines, people shooting at you, spits, not to mention people will know you are dropping when you have to fly past enemies to do it. And it will be a much more interesting experience.

Btw, I'm taking it the wasp turned out to be a small drop aircraft.

I think the problem with lack of whoring in the sky came from when they got rid of the limit on how high AA could reach to kill something. I still don't see why it's a problem to have to send a mossy to or reaver or two to stop a liberator.

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Old 2006-06-11, 10:43 AM   [Ignore Me] #32
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Double post. Sorry, I can't find the delete button or the report abuse button.

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Old 2006-06-11, 02:11 PM   [Ignore Me] #33
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Originally Posted by Lonehunter187
I still don't understand this "Bailing problem"
It's another instance of crybaby bitches, boo-hooing and whining about their pussified skills until they added a stupid feature to assuage their vaginal dryness. The problem is air-cav whores who run around and shoot down other pilots had this issue where they'd attack a pilot, who, rather than let them score a kill, would bail out of the aircraft if they thought they were going to lose.

Oddly enough, these self-proclaimed "Ace Pilots" couldn't seem to stop their aircraft and find the bailed pilot to gain their kill. Or, the pilots were smart enough to carry an AV weapon and as they hit the ground, they'd blast the other guy out of the sky as he swung around to come get them.
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