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Old 2012-08-23, 08:26 AM   [Ignore Me] #1
Lightbulb idea wish list

PS2 Ideas list>>soery if my spelings a bit messy im in bit of a rush:>>classes>empier&comonpoll>macke a common and emiper everything and empier skills/abilitys/trees that all footys can uss even maxes licke TR trbo fier faster NC E sheelds VS super jump>modslots>stats>6sentes>abilitys>skills>inplan ts>serts>customzing everything but not OPing pepl>split classing>comon trees>empier trees>invtry>looks>HP helth/AP amor/SP sheelds/wtf add AP armor to footy ples give engys sumthing to fix we die to fast eney way/ give HA&maxes wep&sheeld give LA&int dule 1 handed weps guns or blads/give med and engy fiy bots that fix suply and heal rez add guns 4fun<all footys boot camp/crawling proned/dive rolle or flips &kiks/climing walls harpoon grapling hooks zip line/meelee comboes tap tap hold block kinda thing play DCUO & M&B good fighting sistems>player mades distrutabls & baces/licke walls AI turits bunkers tawers sheeld domes traps supliybay Vbays sponrooms telporter>vhicls/empier ATVs VS hover speeder 2gun 2man /TR side car 3gun 3man/NC 3 weeler 2 gun 2man sheelds/just macke a empier and common pool every thing that u can & so a unlockabul empier atv lighting bomer gallxy sunder & commonpool jet&tank>NPCs pets AIs/sampeeds bosses wiled life pets side kiks bots remotcontroled drones AI trits&mines>baces/tawers/buncker/outposts/forts/stronholds/resores/ore/i want to see baces under water under grond in the air in space moonslol>maps links taritory contanets/be cool if thay macke stuff randomiz or revamped licke the warp gates and baces capcher objtivs &zone links panet links so it not the same thing all the timespon camping/instagib/3p camras/info that blocks u frum seeing that suck/WP objtivs.frendy name tags&inof amo box xp gane popups capcher popups or eney thing elss licke that ples let me fade it way out so i can funking see and pless give me sumthing to block the enamy frum seeing my name tag & info i hate it wen pepl see my name tag and not my body spot spamers>all add moer wen i get the time triy not to rage lol
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Re: idea wish list

Can you try cleaning this post up?
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