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[Event] Mountain Madness!

Greetings Auraxians!

The Waterson Collective has decided upon its next event, Mountian Madness! This installment of the monthly Waterson Wargames events will take place on the rolling hills of Amerish. Let’s try and get as many people involved as possible! Waterson outfits and solo players alike should try and muster for Saturday, October 19th at 21:00 EDT (UTC-4). Signups for the private objectives can be found on the Waterson Collective website and will close on Wednesday, October 16th.

If you were unable to attend or uninformed of the previous Waterson Wargames event, the Siberian Showdown, then here’s a quick rundown of how you and your outfit can participate:

The Waterson Wargames will take place on a specific continent and last 2.5 hours. During this time outfits have two different ways they can choose to play the event; Dynamically-assigned objective waves or territory control.

Objective waves

These are where Waterson Wargames get really interesting. Should your outfit choose to participate in the objective waves by singing up on the Waterson Collective website then you will be working with your faction to control a series of assigned objectives throughout the night. Each objective wave, coming to 5 in total, will involve 4-5 outposts that need to be captured or defended by your empire within 30 minutes. These outposts will be dynamically chosen based on the current state of the map to ensure a fair fight. In order to win an objective wave your faction must own a majority of the assigned outposts by the end of the 30 minute time limit. Your success in these waves will rely highly on intra and inter outfit tactics, which the Waterson Collective will help facilitate in any way we can. At the end of the night whichever faction won the majority of the objective waves will be proclaimed the winner of the Waterson Wargames event.

Territory Control

Territory control is fairly self-explanatory, whatever faction owns the majority of the chosen continent’s territory by the end of the event will win the territory control objective. This is separate from the objective waves and requires no signup.

Now that you know more about what the Waterson Wargames are and how to get your outfit involved, please feel free to RSVP on the Waterson Collective website. If you still have any questions regarding the event please don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected]. Can’t make it to this one? Don’t worry, the Waterson Wargames will be a monthly-recurring event, based on a different continent each time.
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