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Old 2012-04-02, 01:16 AM   [Ignore Me] #1
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Veterans of War Multi-gaming Organization

Hello everyone. Primus here aka "Shields" from the Veterans of War. We're looking to start a recruitment drive for Planetside II and will most likely be involved in Terran and Vanu gameplay. Depends on how they set up the system as far as characters go. Read what we have below, and feel free to ask me any questions you might have.

Introduction and History

Greetings and welcome to the recruiters office for Veterans of War. Before I get in depth as to what we are about, how we're structured, what type of player we're looking for, and how to apply... let me first explain the origin of the group and how its applied.

The Veterans of War started on August 25th, 2010 as a means for players who were currently in Star Trek Online to expand to other games and continue to game with one another. Since it's beginning, we've expanded our supported games catalog to include All Points Bulletin, Battlefield 3, Guild Wars II, and Planetside II. We are currently looking to further expand into other games but constantly play hundreds of other games on the side together that are unsupported.

On April 25th, 2011 the Veterans of War joined the community for service in Battlefield 3. Since then we've made leaps and bounds in the community and have consistently demonstrated our abilities as a formidable fighting force.

Benefits of Membership

Now, what does this all mean for you as the prospective new member? Well, for starters when you join the VoW you are joining a multi-gaming organization with a rich history that extends for many years. You join alongside members who have gaming experience that goes back to the early days of DOS computers, and text based RPG's. Some of us started in first person shooters many many years ago, and have extensive experience in online gaming.

Furthermore... some of us are also military and Law Enforcement veterans that have extensive knowledge of tactics, organization, and more. With a number of web development, graphic arts, and other computer savvy members... we are well rounded in almost every regard.

By joining you become part of this family. You can be guaranteed that you will learn something new that you otherwise might not have known. You'll learn what it means to be a part of a team and be HIGHLY successful at it.


The VoW is organized in such a way that it provides for all types of players. We have a tier based ranking system that spans all of our games, that gives everyone an opportunity to move through the ranks without dedicating their entire lives. We understand that real life comes first. We do not require that you give a certain number of hours, spend a certain amount of time with us, or track your stats like some other groups might. We're here to have fun.

Each game is led by its chain of command who reports to the upper echelon in return. You can view our organizational chart and how our tier based system is set up by visiting the following link here.

Recruitment Procedure

So, if you're now ready to join us... head first over to the Veterans of War website, register, and fill out a quick 30 second application via this link here. A representative will send you a Private Message in a short time, and give you further instructions from there. You are also encouraged to log into TeamSpeak and let us know you applied. You can find that log in information here.

We hope to see you soon, and that you'll find yourself at home with the VoW. We are a fun and exciting organization that provides for its members with plenty of opportunity to expand into various areas of gaming. Good luck!

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Re: Veterans of War Multi-gaming Organization

This is a fun group of people who like to play many games. No matter what we play, we have fun. We focus on teamwork in our games and most of the time you'll see us at the top of the leader boards.
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Old 2012-04-17, 03:50 PM   [Ignore Me] #3
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Re: Veterans of War Multi-gaming Organization

Recruitment is picking up... we're looking to get a full platoons worth of Planetside members ready to go for beta and launch. Many of us already have keys.

Join today so we can get you outfitted and ready to go for day one!
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