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[VS Emerald] Derp Company [D3RP] - Ages 18+

Derp Company is a solid community of gamers from all over the world sharing a singular vision of making the most out of our free time during gameplay. We make it a point to offer all of the aspects that a gamer might find in both casual and hardcore gaming groups. In short, our members can tailor their involvement in Derp Company to fit their own personal requirements and preferences.

Our zero time demand policy and relaxed attitude suits even the most casual gamer, while our combined arms divisions, training courses, rank system, achievements, reward system, and community departments provide serious gamers with interesting opportunities for their talents. We respect our players and acknowledge that they have lives outside of the game; This means that we do not demand time be contributed to Derp Company unless members choose to do so.

As an outfit we encourage a friendly atmosphere and welcoming community. More importantly, we encourage a healthy amount of teamwork on our conquest for fun. While we've been known to bring a challenging fight to our opponents in Planetside 2, it isn't unheard of for us to employ unorthodox, wild, or silly tactics and strategies for the sheer thrill and entertainment of it.

So, why Derp Company? Well, we all understand that even the most serious gamers have their “Derp” moments. We're just here for the fun and the camaraderie that Planetside 2 can help us achieve.

About D3RP
  • Playstyles: We offer three different operation types; from Casual to Organized. The purpose of these operations is to cater to gameplay preferences of each individual player.

  • Ranking System: The ranking system is used to help streamline management within the outfit, starting from a no commitment membership to opportunities for higher responsibility positions such as leadership roles.

  • Combined Arms Divisions: We employ combined arms forces to complete objectives during operations. Players are free to participate in any division during a gaming session.

  • Departments: Optional groups that members can join which are designed to create projects, connect people with similar talents, and work towards a common goal for the outfit.

  • Achievements System: We have an evolving achievement system that recognizes service to the outfit, personal accomplishments, and gives you the ability to boast all that effort you put into gaining certs.

  • Training Courses: The Strategy & Tactics Department hosts optional training courses and lessons geared toward educating our membership.

  • Event Operations: Outfit leaders host large scale operations at regularly scheduled days and times.

  • Communication: We use Teamspeak 3 to communicate, feel free to check out our server @ Derpcompany.com. No Microphone required. No password required.

  • Gaming Community: Our focus is Planetside 2 but our members frequent other games such as; Arma 3, Battlefield 4, Guildwars 2, Minecraft, and many more.

To learn more about us, check us out at our website:

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