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Different Respawn Timers.

I did a quick search and couldn't find anything discussing this directly, or at least a thread based on this idea so I thought I would create one.

Me and my buddy who are both anxiously awaiting Beta were talking and discussed this simple concept I think is pretty important.

This thread isn't meant to discuss how long a respawn timer should be necessarily but more how your respawn choices will effect respawn time.

I believe there should be different timers based on different types of respawns.
These will all begin when you die and will expire at different times.

Base Timer: Basically this timer is the quickest and involves spawning at a base similar to PS1. I also would like to see there be either no timer or a very short timer to respawn on a base with no enemies in the SOI (or whatever equivalent system is in place for enemy proximity).

Simply put if you don't want to wait long you have the option of spawning immediately at a friendly base that is not currently being contested. When a base is under attack the timer will be longer but still the shortest one.

Tower/Small Facility Timer: Think towers in PS1. This timer would finish after the Base Timer, opening up the option for you to spawn at towers/facilities, or any equivalent installation that is positioned more directly on the front line.

Galaxy spawn Timer: This is the second longest timer finishing some time after the Tower spawn. Pretty self explanitory. Once this runs out you can spawn at available Galaxys.

Squad Spawn Timer: This would be the longest spawn timer. I believe you should never have a situation where a squad V Squad encounter can become a stalemate (think BF3 with players appearing from nowhere during the fight).
keeping this timer decently long allows players to rejoin up with their squad if they fall in battle but would prevent people from dropping in shortly after falling during a shootout. Enough time needs to be allowed for small conflicts to resolve so players you kill aren't suddenly reappearing, armed with a vengeance.

That's the basic idea. It's pretty simple. This is the way I would like to see respawning fleshed out.

Any thoughts?
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