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Post Frictionless Insight CC Review

Frictionless Insight has given Core Combat 4 stars in their review.
The new infantry weapons include the Spiker, a pistol that can charge up powerful single shots, and the Maelstrom, a heavy assault weapon that can lash foes with streams of energy or fire grenades that inflict damage to an area. The most interesting of the new weapons is the Radiator, which lobs projectiles that irradiate an impact zone, causing damage to anyone in the area over time. These prove particularly effective in large battles both defending and attacking facilities, and are useful for flushing out entrenched defenders.

New vehicles have already been added as patches to PlanetSide since its release, but Core Combat adds three new vehicles based on Ancient-Tech. The Switchblade is a fast-light vehicle that can be deployed as a stationary turret. The Flail is a massive, but mobile, cannon. Once deployed, it can fire destructive energy blasts over long distances. The Router is a mobile, point-to-point teleportation system. Once deployed, it can be used for instantaneous transport over long distances. The Switchblade uses the previously available ATV certification, but both the Flail and Router require users to learn a new certification. So far, the Flail is a popular vehicle, frequently seen in sieges of complexes, and powerful when used in defense against enemy ground vehicles.
You can find the rest of the Review at
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