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Old 2003-02-25, 02:25 PM   [Ignore Me] #16

Lone wolf = target practice

Here's a little demonstration of how pointless it is to be a lone wolf in a big map. A buddy of mine and I will play El Alamein on the Axis side. He'll be a medic in a tank I'm an engy in artillery and/or a jeep. We usually take the East base in a matter of minutes and we can hold onto it for entire rounds at a time. It is actually a sport for us to take out lone wolves in jeeps that are trying to flank us. When multiple vehicles are coming at us it almost never fails that someone on our side will come flying by when we call for air support. Sure we die here and there but we don't die nearly as much as the Rambos of the game that believe that they can take us down by themselves.

The motto of course is this: Find at least one other person that you can run with (if you're looking to actually fight and not participate in espionage/sabotage) because two people working together is so much better than getting killed over and over again by yourself. I'd recommend more but one fellow soldier is still better than none.

The sniper/MAX is an interesting idea except for the fact that you would be easy targets if the MAX accidentally drew anything but infantry out. I assume that your partner would be an anti-infantry MAX which would leave both of you vulnerable to any vehicles land or air.
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Old 2003-02-25, 04:54 PM   [Ignore Me] #17
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It really depends on how you like to fight. My friend, is a big loner, he rarely moves with a pack, and honestly, he is DAMN good at it. He doesn't trust anyone to cover him (except me when we do work together). You can be he'll be one of those guys, that you'll be sending whole squads after. :P

Me however...I like to be with a nice small squad. Big enough so I know my backs covered, but small enough so we can move fast, and not get noticed too easily.
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Old 2003-02-25, 05:02 PM   [Ignore Me] #18

While reading this post I thought of the movie Airheads.

Lone wolves
I can't wait till someone comes up with an outfit called the Lone Wolves. Heh heh.
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Old 2003-02-25, 05:22 PM   [Ignore Me] #19

Originally posted by Zatrais
Theres no damage modification for hitting someone in the head.. you do the same damage no matter where you hit a person.
Do you guys think thats how it should be?
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Old 2003-02-25, 06:53 PM   [Ignore Me] #20
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Originally posted by Hamma
If you want to be a lone wolf, I suggest bending over allot.

Being a lone wolf in this game will be tricky

I love being with alot of friends playing a game. It sucks being a lone wolf IMO. One thing I love about pay to play, you can make friends, and know you will always be in the same faction every time you log on.
...What's Iraq like?

IEDs, SAF, RPGs, & mortars. But only during breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The enemy is so poor, they have to keep day jobs

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Old 2003-02-25, 07:11 PM   [Ignore Me] #21
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hehe i guess i was wrong like a regular newbie, i thought as a sniper you would find a little hole, duck in it and drink coffee until you see someone and shot um. Guess not really, well then my secound choice will either be sabotaging or just a heavy assault and running around in squads doing some hurt, i hope
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Old 2003-02-25, 08:40 PM   [Ignore Me] #22
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Originally posted by Spy
Do you guys think thats how it should be?
The no headshots, no hit boxes, all areas being equal thing has been done to death on these boards, and any experienced member won't bring up this can of worms again. If you want to read the discussion, feel free to look back a couple of pages on the topic, but please don't bump anything. We are trying to keep this topic dead now, since it is just beating a dead horse.
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