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Old 2003-02-28, 04:50 PM   [Ignore Me] #16
First Lieutenant
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For the Vanu a kewl idea would be Bounce pads ala T2 Renegades.

You hit it it bounces you in the direction you were headed a certain distance and your Refractors thingies stop you from splating... it would fit with the mobility concept... but could also be really lame.

I don't know just a thought
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Old 2003-02-28, 04:55 PM   [Ignore Me] #17
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I've got some decent ideas for some empire specific implants/equipment.

VS-Implant: Modified personal shield implant that makes beam weapon fire heal you but take twice as much damage from normal gunfire. Equip: grappling hook to scale walls (but slowly, so using a MAX to jump is still better and the scaler is still vulnerable).

NC-Equip: Grenades with a secondary fire that breaks them into four pieces in the air that spread out in different directions, each with a quarter of the power of a normal grenade (cluster bomb). Implant: Personal shield that extends around vehicles but consumes twice as much stamina.

TR-Equip: Deployable turrets with 2x as many barrels for 2x RoF, but also 2x ammo burn and half the ammo. Implant: recoil reducer that makes cone of fire smaller (so that bursts of fire can be longer).

Yeah, some of them are outright ridiculous, but at least they fit the themes.

VS-Strategic movement
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Old 2003-02-28, 05:33 PM   [Ignore Me] #18
Master Sergeant

if they did have those the empires would be akward and one would be dominate over all. besides they already have special wepons and vehicals

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Old 2003-02-28, 05:37 PM   [Ignore Me] #19
Arshune's Avatar

The sheer fact that there's more than one weapon throws the balance of the game off. Granted, it's not too hard to get a decently close balance going on, but there will never be a perfectly equal encounter unless everyone used the same gun/item.

The thing I want to see most though is empire specific aircraft. Even if it was just a different style of galaxy or something, it'd be nice to have in there.
"There's a lot of things people respect me for. I'm clean, I'm smart, I'm a nice guy...but I think the biggest thing is that I'm always brandishing a razor for no apparent reason."

-Our principal is SO hardcore.
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Old 2003-02-28, 05:52 PM   [Ignore Me] #20
First Sergeant

Thanks for the comments Unknown.

A turret would have a 360o turning circle at any angle (maybe not straight up or straight down though)
Where as a MAX only has 60o in any direction.
It could fire faster than a MAX and be heavily armored, like 1000 armor point. a large amount since they are stationary (stationary = bullet magnet)

Ok, a combination of ideas from this thread. The shield bubble could be changed into a single section 1 meter squared panel. Bear with me here.

There will be a new vehicle called the Mobil shield Projector. this will basically be a lightning with a shield projector instead of a gun turret. Keep bearing with me.

The shield projector will create the 2 meter Sq panel around 10 meters ahead of itself. This can be used to block any on coming projectiles. Getting the picture yet?

What good would this do? Well it could be used to escort defenseless vehicles like the ant or even a heavy tank. The MSP will be a 2 man vehicle (driver and shield operator... maybe even 3. Diver, gunner, shield operative)

the shield operative would be in charge of where to point the shield. (like a tank turret) maybe the distance the shield is projected could be altered too 3 Meters for protecting the MSP, 5 meters for protecting troops 10 meters for protecting another vehicle.
the shield its self would be powered from a energy cell which Regenerates overtime, every time the shield is hit it needs energy from the cell to stop the bullet/missile. When the energy cell is depleted the shield will collapse for a few seconds and then come back online.

Escorting another vehicle would be a real team effort; the driver would need to keep close enough to what hes protecting for the shield operator to do his job. Where as the Shield guy would need to really have his wits about him to block missiles from a pack of reavers, multiple targets meaning constant readjustments of the shield.

Adding an MSP would:

Add another layer of teamwork to the game (escort / protection)
Add new assault tactics (if we wanna attack that Vanguard we need to flank it to get around the shield, flanking being attacking from to opposite sides at once)
Add a new way to deploy troops or attack a target safely: 1 or 2 troops could stand behind it and walk along behind the MSP and be protected while firing from each side of the shield

Again, just an idea (well combination of ideas) constructive criticism is always welcomethe brain rule still applies
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Old 2003-02-28, 06:03 PM   [Ignore Me] #21
First Sergeant
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hmm, interesting. You obviously put a lot of thought into that. It also sounds possibe, could be used to protect ANTs and make an interesting assault/defense technique.
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Old 2003-02-28, 06:23 PM   [Ignore Me] #22
Incompetent's Avatar

heres my 2 cents

The Terrans could get something like a 50 caliber machine gun that they can deploy and have to be manned to fire. It should do massive damage to infantry and light vehicles but should be near worthless vs things like MAX suits and tanks.

The NC could get blast walls, not big enough to block a hallway but big enough to hide a few people while the medics work their magic and it should be able to take extreme amounts of damage. Only heavy weapons should damage it, regular bullets should just bounce off. each person should only be able to deploy one and it should disapear when they log off to prevent spamming.

For the VS, i like the idea posted earlier of blurring the enemies vision so its hard to tell where he actually is.

just my opinions

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